The One New Item You Need for Spring

More than a few of you may remember my post regarding the blue shirt every woman should own. I still have women mention this when I run into them. So it had me thinking as I prepare clients for spring break…what is that one item that will instantly update your look for spring? My answer: the wider leg pant!

With Spring Break now on our calendars, why not break away from your usual denim and add a wider leg option. Check out the always progressive Leandra Medine Cohen of Man Repeller — who just had twins! Congratulations, Leandra!! — in this easy look. This was obviously before she was even pregnant but I love the entire ease of this outfit.

My job entails following trends in fashion. I am constantly not only keeping my clients prepared for their lifestyles but guiding them gently toward the next “it” items in fashion. It’s worth mentioning that I don’t jump on every trend. There are plenty I advise my clients to skip for any number of reasons. Other trends feel more permanent to me. If you read my posts on a regular basis, I have been feeling the skinny pant waning for more than a year now. This doesn’t mean that I don’t introduce skinnies to women or consider them passé. They have a place in a wardrobe and for petite woman, they will remain a staple.

What we have seen occurring in denim is an ease out of skinnies with the introduction to the straight leg fits. This is a style that is selling out everywhere currently due to its retro feel and flattering fit.

Proportion is one of the keys to great style. While a wider leg pant is a viable option for a majority of women, because of our shapes, sizes, and heights, the width of the pant is something that will need to be tweaked. What made the skinny popular was that it was something that fit directly on the leg. This is why I think we have a hard time letting go of this silhouette. There was little to adjust once you attached yourself to the look.

With the wider leg pant, I feel you can have a softer finish to the leg. It’s also a great option for women with larger calves. When trying this new wider pant, keep in mind you may need to taper the width of the opening and the length according to your height. These are the details that make all the difference to great style. Not everyone is an ‘off-the-rack” fit, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid these styles!

Since J Brand was my first introduction to skinny jeans as a buyer back in 2007, I investigated what they were advising women to consider for spring of ’18:



“Fit takes center stage for spring, with a particular emphasis on silhouettes: straight-leg, high-rise, cropped lengths, and forward wide-leg shapes all meant to be worn from day to night.”


Another great benefit to a wider leg opening is the ability for air to ventilate the body. Personally, I’m ready to leave shorts for beach vacations and hiking. The wider crop pant will my alternative to warm days. If you are looking for a fast upgrade to your wardrobe or an alternative to shorts for your spring break outfits, wear with a chic pair of heels and a simple tee, or ankle boots with with a sweater or blouse.


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