Oscars 2019: Best Jewelry

Okay, so Lady Gaga wore one of Tiffany’s most important pieces to the Oscars last night and it would be insane of me to start a jewelry post about anything other than this 128.54 carat fancy yellow diamond (and that’s just the feature stone; there are even more diamonds on the necklace itself). Last’s night’s display was truly a moment in gemology history.

The original rough diamond weighed 287.42 carats before it was cut into a cushion-cut brilliant shape by Tiffany’s chief gemologist Dr. George Frederick Kunz in 1878. The diamond is usually housed on display at the Tiffany flagship store on Fifth Avenue and has only been worn publicly three times since it was discovered in 1877: once by Mrs. Mary Whitehouse at the 1957 Tiffany Ball in Newport, Rhode Island; once by Audrey Hepburn for promotional pictures to publicize her role in Breakfast at Tiffany’s; and now, by Lady Gaga.


Lady Gaga

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The diamond is iconic in every way imaginable and it was only appropriate that Lady Gaga, one of the most known names the world, would wear it on the night she won Best Song and was nominated for Best Actress. My only critique here is that I would have paired it with huge but simple diamond studs (reflecting the same repeating square shape in the necklace) instead of those diamond drops. I felt the drops put up a feeble competition with the necklace and the whole look would have been better with just the necklace as the focal point. But, who cares about those earrings, right? That necklace is the real winner.


Charlize Theron

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On literally any other night, Charlize Theron’s Bulgari layered necklaces would have stolen the show but alas, when you’re pitted against the Tiffany Diamond, I guess you’re bound to play second fiddle. Honestly though, I like this look so much more than Lady Gaga’s necklace. The clean, elegant lines are understated in their shape but jaw-dropping in their carat weight and I love the graceful serpent detail. I also love her sapphire, emerald, and diamond earrings but I’m finding that they get lost in her dark hair. I love that she opted for colored gemstones with the diamond necklace but I think the whole statement would have felt more coordinated with lighter hues in the earrings.


Rachel Weisz

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I really like Rachel Weisz and I really, really liked the Cartier Belle Epoque headband she wore last night. Headbands, and hair accessories in general, are really hot this spring and I liked that she opted this over earrings or a necklace. I really, really did not like the weird red pleather bib she paired it with, but that’s not jewelry related so I guess it’s irrelevant to the conversation.


Laura Harrier

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Bulgari again for the win. This emerald, ruby, and diamond collar is just stunning. My only critique is that I’m not actually sure it goes with the rest of her look? This collar feels so saturated and heavy, whereas the rest of her Luis Vuitton ensemble, including her makeup, referenced sparkly pastels. I think pairing this with a ruby red lip and a richly hued gown would have brought the look together so much better.


Michelle Yeoh

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I referenced her Elie Saab gown in my editorial comments but her jewelry deserves a mention of its own. She paired her open-shouldered gown with these graceful Chopard pear-shaped diamond drops, which do a perfect job of adding interest around her face without distracting from the gown. Her (presumably also) Chopard diamond wrap bracelet referenced the floral design of the gown and tied the whole look together for an effect that was somehow timeless yet modern and classic yet unique. Definitely one of my favorite overall looks of the night.


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