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This isn’t the last time you’ll hear me say this… I’m a jeans and t-shirt kind of woman.  Now, mind you, the jeans are Rag & Bone from The Hive.  When shopping I look at something and ask myself, “Can I wear this with jeans?”  If the answer is no, it usually goes back on the rack.  In general, my store reflects my style, as does my home.  That is why every room that needs a rug in it has a Dash & Albert rug.

Every year since we opened we have had a Red Carpet Sale over Oscars weekend.  That means 20 percent off all our rugs – in store and special order – from brands like Dash & Albert, Jaipur, and Loloi.  We are particularly fond of Dash & Albert for their casual vibe, accessible price point, and wide selection.  In fact, we are such big fans that we have one 2’x3’ of every style rug in our store.  If you are looking for a certain color you may borrow as many of our rugs as necessary to take home and see how they look in your space.  Once you choose the best one, you then order the larger size.  They come in a variety of materials described below…


Wool rugs are good for many situations. The natural lanolins in the wool allow any spills to remain on top long enough for you to clean them up.  We potty-trained our puppy on wool rugs.  If she had an accident we got it up quickly, sprayed Nature’s Miracle on it and voilà!  One con is that they shed for a few months after you lay them down.  It’s worth the extra effort, I promise.  This is my bedroom rug.


Dash & Albert has a wide array of cotton rugs.  From fun stripes to funky patterns, these are great in the kitchen, bathroom, family rooms, and any place you want to have a casual feel.  Spot cleaning is the trick to keeping these clean, but folks have been known to through them in the wash.  I have these in both of my kids’ rooms with an extra thick rug pad under them and they are just perfect.  Here is my son’s rug.


These natural fiber rugs are so good looking and the all-natural fibers and vegetable ink dyes make them eco-friendly.  They are great in a living room, bedroom, and office.  Vacuuming and prompt spot cleaning keep these looking good for years — just be sure to keep them away from moisture.  While I don’t have one of these, if I did it would be this beauty.


There are two types of indoor/outdoor rugs – PET, which is the plastic that makes bottles, and polypropylene, which is a plastic.  Both can be cleaned with soap and a good hosing making them perfect for a kitchen, play room, or under the dining table, as well as outside on the patio.  While they feel dramatically different they both work equally well outdoors. This is the one I plan to put on my patio.

With more than 150 styles, I recommend coming in, taking off your shoes, and giving them a try.  The sale goes from today through Sunday so stop in and let us help you find the perfect rug for you!

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