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Since the clocks have sprung forward, so has our thinking. Most are eagerly anticipating the warmer, sunny weather of the months ahead. We all know we were especially lucky and dodged a bullet having so little snow this year. But even with a mild winter, spring fever is still upon us all and we welcome it! So let yourself daydream of Al Fresco dining and entertainment!

In the last few weeks, Ivy Lane has been busy with projects of clients who have visions of outdoor living and entertaining this season. We are working with them to make the most of their exterior patios, porches, balconies, or verandas — whether they are city dwellers or have private properties with space for more of Mother Nature’s display!

There are so many new options in style, fabrics, and furniture to appoint outdoor spaces. One thing is for sure, outdoor rooms expand your living space, whether to enjoy personally or share with family and friends, so you could argue that these rooms exponentially add to your quality of life. Suddenly you have more room to breathe. It is a winning scenario.

We wanted to show you some fun ideas, styles, textures, colors, and general possibilities for consideration if you are under the spring spell. Are you seeing a summer soirée or two in your future? Maximize it! Enjoy your very own outdoor oasis!

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Alex Deringer and Courtney Cox combine their formal training in design and fashion with their renowned sense of style in Ivy Lane, a full-service interior design firm that curates casually elegant family dwellings that are elevated by a unique spark. Whether an entire house renovation or a one-room makeover, Alex and Courtney’s extensive experience and collaborative dynamic inform a successful design philosophy: thoroughly understand the client’s lifestyle, bring a thoughtful spatial perspective, and enliven the space with the freshest aesthetic interest.

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