Buy Less, Choose Well  Buy Less, Choose Well  by Alicia McCaslin | 06.11.21

"Buy Less, Choose Well” has been a tenant of my business model from the beginning. If you aspire to simplify your life, clothing is a critical place to keep edited. While there are a wide variety of ways to maintain law and order in the closet, there is an important question ...

Get That Good Summer Hair! Get That Good Summer Hair! by Aida Colette | 06.11.21

It's that season again! You guessed it - hot, humid, and just plain ole ruthless weather. This means it is obviously time for a keratin Treatment/Brazilian Blowout! If your hair is not the easiest to manage in the heat, then look no further!  Whether you just want to cut your ...

Street Style: Ayana Close Street Style: Ayana Close by Danielle Romanetti | 06.11.21

Local yarn shops are community gathering spaces, so when I was thinking about who our first Street Style nominee would be, there were a lot of customers who came to mind since we have so many amazing personalities hanging around the shop every day. Ayana was at the top of ...


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