While You Were Sleeping While You Were Sleeping by Alicia McCaslin | 04.16.21

I’m sure Elizabeth would agree - Instagram kept her businesses alive during the bleakest weeks of COVID. Having a platform that brings the boutique to you has been a useful tool, but not the lifeline it was the period of shutdown. I’d like to congratulate everyone in the Alexandria Stylebook ...

Take Me Out To The Ballgame! Take Me Out To The Ballgame! by Celeste Crutchfield | 04.16.21

I am so excited to be writing this article. It's no secret to my customers and employees that I am a huge National's fan. My bobblehead collection sits nicely above the register (I get asked all the time if they are for sale, and it's a resounding no). Opening Day ...

Street Style: Alyia Gaskins Street Style: Alyia Gaskins by Sara VanderGoot | 04.16.21

Alyia is one of those people who exudes radiance. Being in her presence just feels good because she is kind, curious, open, enthusiastic, and fun. She truly cares, and knows how to ask questions and really listen to what you have to say. Alyia has passion and purpose in her ...


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