Part 3: Shh…4 Secrets Your Esthetician Wishes You Knew


We’ve covered hair and makeup, so today…skin! I consulted with our amazing former Bellacara gal and working esthetician, Amanda, for this piece, to really get the scoop.

1. Don’t apologize for your skin problems.

It’s become almost second nature for us as women to apologize for things that are absolutely not things we should be sorry about. You wouldn’t have an esthetician if you weren’t already trying to address your issues, and to be honest, it’s not like she hasn’t seen it all before.

But it’s OK…

Recognize that the way your skin is naturally laid out isn’t something to apologize for. Your esthetician will fix any fixable problems you have with it. Remember that you’re supposed to feel beautiful in the skin you’re in, and she’s here to help make that happen.

2. If you want real change in your skin, be prepared to invest time and money.

There’s no such thing as an instant fix for skin. If you’re not putting in the effort to cleanse and moisturize properly, or buying the products your esthetician recommends, you’re just throwing away the money you just spent on a facial — this is equivalent to signing up for a fitness class and only attending the first time. Good skin takes investment, both in your attitude and in your finances.

But it’s OK

It’s never too late to start up a great regimen, and not all great skin routines have to cost you millions of dollars. Start with the products your esthetician thinks will make the biggest impact on your skin. Sometimes, it’s as simple as incorporating a retinol. Other times, you need complete overhaul, so you’ll need advice on what to get first, or where to find it. Speaking of which…

3. Don’t buy your beauty products on Amazon.

Amazon makes our lives easier, it’s true. Need that cheap bathroom rug tomorrow? Amazon. Need to quickly send a book to your father because you forgot his birthday again? Amazon. But something that goes on your face? That gets absorbed into your skin? No. The majority of reputable beauty brands don’t distribute on Amazon. Let me rephrase that for more impact: When you order that X Company product on Amazon, it didn’t come from X Company. You have no idea where the seller got it, what’s in that package, or even who is selling it. Some lines that we carry even hire people specifically to buy “their” products off Amazon to see what’s actually in the bottles. (Hint: it usually isn’t the product on the label.)

But it’s OK

Your esthetician will tell you where to find which products she recommends for your skin. She may even tell you about how much it should cost you, so if it costs markedly less than that…it’s a safe bet the product isn’t legit.

4. You’d best be wearing sunscreen.

This is 2016 — there are enough sunscreen options out there (Mineral! Chemical! Mineral-based! Sprays! Lotions! Potions!) that there’s something that will work for you. Yes, even you, Ms. I’m So Sensitive That All Sunscreen Makes Me Break Out, and especially you, Ms. But If I Wear Sunscreen I Won’t Get a Tan. Do you have time for sun damage? No. Do you have time for skin cancer? Especially no.

But it’s OK…

Like I said: there’s something for everybody. If your skin is extremely sensitive, check with a dermatologist to see if you can nail down which ingredients bother you. If you want a tan, that’s why They invented St. Tropez Self-Tanning. Your 90-year-old skin will thank you.

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