Peach is the New Blush

Sometimes you look at a color and think. “Wow, I could only wear that if I came out of the womb at 87 years old and was named ‘Aunt Muriel.'”

For me, that color was any shade of orange. Sure, I wore peach eye shadow when I was in middle school (because isn’t that what you’re supposed to wear on blue eyes?!) and I painted my room peach and terra cotta (because my sister’s room was pink and having multiple pink rooms upstairs simply wouldn’t do. Sigh.), but honestly, I was never really into orange, in a general sense.

So when I started wearing some of the peach and coral blush options we carry at the store, I was – frankly — pretty surprised at how much I really liked them. I started reaching for them more frequently for our customers, and now I’m happy to say, I’m a convert. Peach has the cheery pop of a bright pink, tempered with the gravity of a beige or brown.


Peach, and its sophisticated older cousin, coral, are trending for a reason. They make any outfit and makeup look come together in a classic way that still somehow seems updated and fresh. But how to pick a peach in a sea of pinks?

Evaluate Your Look

Do you tend to wear a brighter pop? Do you lean more toward a subtle sweep of neutral color? Do you like to have multiple blushes to create your own shade? Do you wear cheek color every day? Do you prefer to have coordinate your lip and cheek colors, and are there any shades you refuse to wear on your lips?

Define What You Like

Do you run screaming from the mirror when you see a super-warm undertone on your cheeks, or do you love the way it makes your complexion glow like you’ve spent the day in the Cali sun? (There’s a peach or a coral for you.) Do you feel you look sick when you have too much of a blue undertone in your makeup, or do you love the way it picks up the white in your eyes and teeth to make you look bright-eyed and fresh? (There’s a peach or a coral for you, too.)

Try Something New!

We have a huge range of peach and coral tones. From the rich, spicy reddish orange of Kevyn Aucoin’s Fira (for the daring among you), to the trio of happy peaches in Smashbox’s Culver City Coral L.A. Lights Trio (for the indecisive ones like me), to the beautiful soft coral shimmer and blendability of Stila’s Shimmering Lotus Aqua Glow (for the ones who love to build and layer their colors), and everything in between.

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