Pedro Garcia…Finally!

One of my missions as a buyer is to constantly find new brands that I want to carry at The Shoe Hive; it’s been a priority for me since we opened our doors in 2003 and it’s how we secured the local rights to Hunter Boots, Superga, AGL, and many others before they became distributed at larger places. I have a folder that I keep with torn out magazine pages or photos I have printed from as long ago as 14 years.

Customers are also always passing on the names of great new lines they find when they are traveling to places outside of Alexandria. It has become a bit of a quest now for me to try and find the contact for awesome, smaller, more obscure brands that don’t yet have the marketing muscle to find me. Sometimes even the larger brands aren’t as easy to hunt down as you would think they’d be.

So I have my list, and refer back to it often when I head to market or need to bring in something new and interesting.

There is a shoe line that has literally been in my folder and mentioned by dozens of customers for 14 years. I tried and tried, unsuccessfully, to hunt them down. Then this year I was sitting at an appointment and a fellow shopkeeper and I were doing the retail version of what happens to anyone when you run into someone from your college or hometown: What lines do you sell? Who does well for you? He said, “Why don’t you have Pedro Garcia?” I said, “because I can’t get in touch with them!”

An email was sent, a connection was made, and finally, after 14 years The Shoe Hive now has Pedro Garcia.

All of this line’s shoes are made in Spain and Pedro Garcia is a family-owned business. They are shoemakers in the most traditional sense. The foundation of the company is undeniable quality and painstaking craftsmanship — but what drives them every day is design. All that is just a long way of explaining that they are so comfortable that you’ll have to buy them if you try them on – so come and see for yourself.

  • The Freya in brown
  • The Freya in black
  • The Wara in smog
  • The Wara in olive
  • The Omega in green
  • The Omega in black
  • The Querly


  • The latest from Elizabeth
I spent the first part of my career as a copy-writer who helped elected officials brag about their support for entrepreneurs. Then I decided to get off the printed page and do it myself. The Shoe Hive made a splash on the fashion scene in Washington, and was named the region’s best shoe store in its first year. Fourteen years later, I have tripled the store’s size and also opened a sister store, The Hive. At The Hive, we offer clothing lines that are sophisticated and approachable like Rag & Bone, Tibi, Raquel Allegra, Ulla Johnson and Veronica Beard. We have tried to fill our racks with clothing you will want to wear all the time, elevated basics that are worth the investment.

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