Postcard from Memphis (and Graceland!)

A recent wedding took some friends and me to Oxford, Mississippi by way of Memphis. We arrived early in Memphis on Friday and left late on Sunday so decided to check out the birthplace of Rock and Roll. I love exploring a city I have never visited and this southern city of soul and character has a lot to offer.  It has history, music, delicious southern food, and has been the home to many interesting, entertaining, and hospitable characters.

The most notable of course was Elvis, so, of course, our first stop was Graceland. Elvis loved Graceland. No matter where he traveled or what other homes he owned, he always came back to Graceland. But as much as I love Elvis, he and I don’t share the same taste in home decor!  I can certainly appreciate the time and era, but I am really happy that decorating era has passed. But I will say that Elvis must have had a creative gene; he redecorated Graceland several times over. Here are a few pictures I captured inside:

After a fabulous time in Oxford, which is the quintessential southern town and worthy of a whole other post, we headed back to Memphis for another day of fun. We hit a diner called Arcade. I’m a southerner and know all about grits, okra, and black eyed peas, but every city has its own take on food and Memphis definitely does, too. This diner showed us the best of it!

We then headed over to view where Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated.  It is always a good thing to take in history and pay homage to what others have done to make this country better.

After that we went for some fun on Beale Street.  The pictures say it all.

The take away is Memphis is a city not to miss. I can’t believe I had never been and so happy I went!


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