What It’s Like To Work on a Powerhouse Real Estate Team

Never a dull moment. When asked to describe what working with The Patterson Group is like, that’s how I best sum it up. That’s also a phrase that we at The Patterson Group repeat to each other with frequency; it’s two parts commiseration and three parts yup, get it done!

Real estate is many things, but it is never, ever boring. It is something different every day; it is problem-solving; it is working around the clock to do what’s best for your clients; it is negotiation; it is constant re-prioritizing and moving around. Ultimately, it is rewarding. At least, that’s what I’ve gathered from working on the team as the Marketing Coordinator for the past year and a half. I don’t have my real estate license myself, but I see it all and am here to share my intel with you.

Before I go any further, I’ll clarify that nobody put me up to this, said, “hey, write this article so we look good”; in fact, they don’t even know I’m writing this! I am speaking from the bottom of my heart when I say that I am in awe of the women of The Patterson Group, because they are tireless and motivated, and somehow manage to maintain a genuine positive, kind demeanor in stressful times. They work nonstop to find their clients a home they love at a price they love or help clients say goodbye to their house with grace and the profit they deserve.

This business can be glamorous at times. The agents on the Patterson team get to talk to interesting people and see some of the most beautiful homes in Alexandria. They get to dress up and work outside of the typical 9-5 schedule. It’s definitely not all glitz and glamour, though. I’ve seen Phyllis, Britt, Tracy, Joanne, and Maria vacuuming, dusting, and lugging furniture around in their best heels and dresses. I’ve seen Britt dig a hole in the dirt with a serving spoon to try to indicate where the signpost should go so it doesn’t puncture the pipes below. I’ve seen Tracy on her hands and knees scrubbing a bathroom floor before a photo shoot of an upcoming listing. I’ve seen several of us clean up dog poop so it won’t show in backyard photos or be there during open houses (sorry to mention that, but I wanted to really drive the point home here). Maria and I have mopped up dirty sump pump water that decided to burst forth and say hello to the entire basement of one of Britt’s listings just before closing—and we couldn’t even resent Britt for assigning us that task because we knew she would have been right there with us had she not had eight meetings back-to-back that day.

Getting to set their own hours is great, too, but more often than not the hours these agents are working are the hours when most others have off. I am the only one on the team who does not work weekends; everyone else is out every Saturday and Sunday showing houses, writing offers, and hosting open houses. They’re out between 6-10pm on weeknights, answering emails after that, and stepping out of dinners to be there for their clients or negotiate contracts when necessary. Somehow, they maintain an astonishing work-life balance, rest when they can, and come back each and every day with a smile on, ready to forge ahead, write that third offer, show that thirty-third house, and cope with the contingencies and surprising home inspection and radon reports.

After seeing how hard The Patterson Group works and how much they care about their clients, I could not recommend anyone else more highly. I’m so grateful for the shining example they consistently set for me in regard to working hard, staying humble, treating others with kindness and respect, always maintaining composure and poise, and staying true to the values that have gotten them this far.

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Marketing Director | The Patterson Group
A native of Alexandria, Susie joined The Patterson Group in 2016. She is a proud resident of the community, and is a Thomas Edison Eagle as well as a Highland Park Hurricane. She’s a graduate of the University of Virginia, where she double majored in English and Women and Gender Studies. After graduating, she pursued her interest in content writing and marketing. Susie likes to spend her spare time reading, writing, playing soccer, and discovering new restaurants in the area. She is also a volunteer writer for the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria.

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