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As a yoga teacher with a full time 9 to 5 job, I frequently find myself headed home at night sweaty and wearing yoga pants with a pair of wedges. It’s quite the fashion statement, but after a long day at work, teaching a class of 35+ yogis, and taking an intense vinyasa class for myself, I just can’t bring myself to change back into my pencil skirt and blouse so that I look like a normal person on the metro. Don’t judge me.

One thing I can’t stand though, is the gritty feeling of my makeup and sweat running down my face. Here’s a fun fact: not only will your pores absorb makeup more when you’re hot and sweaty, increased skin temperature plus moisture is a breeding ground for break-out causing bacteria. Gross right?!


Enter Klorane Soothing Eye & Face Makeup Remover wipes. They are made from 100% cotton and are pre-moistened with wild cornflower and rose water to sooth and rebalance the pH of your skin. They are safe for contact wearers (like me!) and are easy to carry in my yoga bag. I like to take one sheet and tear it in half. Before working out, I use one half to wipe my face clean. After practice I stop in the bathroom or locker room, and use the other half to remove any sweat build up. If you feel like you need more, run the soft 100% cotton cloth under water and add a drop of soap (I’m loving M.Steve’s Purifying Cleanser right now). The cloth easily doubles as a gentle washcloth that you can toss afterwards.

My ensemble may look crazy, but I’m smart about taking care of my skin!

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