“My only answer is to focus on the quality products that bring joy, in small or big ways…”

I have a confession. When I’m anxious, I excel at two things – eating and shopping. Put aside the food thing for now, no one is better at buying away their feelings like me. And typically, these stress purchases turn into mistakes – like the jacket that my husband said made me look like a pilot. So, over the years, I’ve tried to find more productive ways to deal with my feelings and focus on things I need (mostly unsuccessfully).

Which seems, at the surface, in direct competition to my role at Boxwood, where we rely on “retail therapy” and impulse purchases to pay our bills every month.

This is especially true in today’s environment as we face the short-term and long-term effects of the coronavirus. With people around the world getting sick and dying and retirement accounts dwindling to nothing, how can I – as a retailer – responsibly encourage shopping?

My only answer is to focus on the quality products that bring joy, in small or big ways. And we’re committed to our community. Joanna and I have decided to donate 20 percent of all sales from today until April 15 to ACT for Alexandria’s Spring2Action campaign. They moved the Spring2Action date up two weeks to help serve the non-profits that desperately need help now.

So, if we can help you find things you need and love right now, let us know.

First, we are so very lucky to be the only stockist for Annie Sloan® Chalk Paint®. Since we shut our doors to the general public two weeks ago, our paint purchases have quite literally kept our store going. People now have time to tackle that furniture project, and we love that we can be a part of it.



Secondly, it’s looking like Easter will be a smaller affair. So, we love the idea of creating a special Easter table that’s fun without being too precious. Our Hester & Cook line of paper placemats, runners and other table accessories does just that.



And third, we have some great new gifts that just came in – a melamine line for outdoor dining, new candles, and more. We can’t wait to show them to you face-to-face, hopefully very soon.



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Co-Owner | Boxwood
Over the past 15 years, I’ve covered the major branches of D.C. careers – political campaigns, Senate press office, advertising sales, and strategic communications. But after I had my two kids, I knew I wanted to do something that truly reflected my desire for creative, colorful design. Luckily, I stumbled into a shop on South Royal Street in early 2019 and met Joanna Szczerban. We opened Boxwood in April to offer Old Town a fresh take on home decor and gifts – and we haven’t looked back.

Boxwood was born out of the idea that our homes should be as vibrant and colorful as the people who live in them. So our decorative items and gifts bring a fresh, modern look to Old Town – everything from pillows and table linens to furniture painted with Annie Sloan® Chalk Paint®. 


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