How To “Rock” this Design Trend

source Better Homes and Gardens

source Better Homes and Gardens

This year we’ve been seeing so many beautiful gemstones and minerals in the interior design world, and with everything from rose quartz to amethyst on the scene, it’s hard to pick a favorite! If you’re looking to bring nature inside, these natural elements offer a glamorous alternative to house plants and are easy to work into almost any aesthetic. 


Think you might ready to “rock” this trend? Accessorizing is great place to start. The natural color and variation of natural minerals make them amazing tools for adding texture or dimension to a space. Work them in as bookends, paper weights, coasters, or decorative objects — you won’t be disappointed!

table collage 2 sampleAnother way to incorporate natural minerals into your décor is through a lamp or accent piece. Whether it’s the clean look of alabaster or a rosin marble, there are some truly stunning designs that offer serious natural beauty!

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