Round Out Your Workout Routine with Ascend’s New Roll & Restore Recovery Workshop

At Ascend, we like to work hard, train hard, and play hard. But that momentum is not sustainable if we don’t carve out time to take a break and let our bodies rebuild and recover, which is exactly the mindset behind our new workshop: Roll & Restore. This monthly class has made its debut on our schedule this fall — just in time to help you maintain your exercise routine — and sanity — through the holiday season.

Both cardio and strength training are key components of a well-rounded fitness routine, with benefits extending beyond the lovely post-workout endorphins to improvements with cardiovascular health, weight management, bone strength — and, let’s face it, mental grit. To maintain an intense level of exercise, however, there’s another important component — recently gaining momentum in the fitness world and for good reason — the emphasis on recovery.



This is where Ascend’s Roll & Restore Recovery Workshop comes in, the perfect complement to whatever your favorite training methods may be. A class smartly designed to go beyond soothing sore glutes and hamstrings to actually release muscle tension, enhance recovery and mobility, prevent injury, improve performance, and even boost posture (you’re thinking where has this been all my life, right?).

Nicole, our amazing in-house expert who leads this class, is dishing up the in’s and out’s of the Roll & Restore Workshop, and why it deserves space in your workout routine right now.



Nicole, there’s a common misconception that the foam roller is a tool for the elite athlete. How can this be effective for everyone?

Foam rolling offers a wide range of benefits to every person’s body! Foam rolling is just one of the myofascial release techniques used in the Roll & Restore workshop. By definition, myofascial release helps contracted muscles release and relax, resulting in increased blood and nutrient flow, which improves recovery time and decreases injury risk. The Roll & Restore workshop focuses on self-myofascial release techniques, meaning we train you to manipulate your body to aid in recovery versus having a practitioner work your body (i.e., massage). When practicing recovery techniques regularly, clients see increased range of motion and more effective body movements.


Let’s talk fascia—what is it, and why does it deserve some love and attention?

Fascia is connective tissue that is found throughout our entire body and literally holds our bodies together. Fascia weaves around muscles layers and internal organs and attaches, stabilizes, encloses, and separates muscle and other internal organs.

“Fascia is composed primarily of collagen, giving it an equally tough and pliable texture. When working properly, fascia maintains a balance of tension and elasticity allowing for smooth and unrestricted movement. If the fascia is restricted then the muscle contraction is restricted…and this is where pain and injury occur.” (source)

That being said, it is important that we proactively and regularly work to keep the fascia both tough and pliable. Foam rolling and the use of other props paired with light stretching and core activation exercises used in this class help to keep our fascia happy.

Did you know that you can also give your fascia some love via your diet? Try using a collagen supplement. My favorite can be found here. Not only is it free of most common allergens but it is almost tasteless! I add a scoop to my coffee each morning and notice a huge difference in my joints (and skin!) when taken regularly.



Aside from the foam roller, what other tools are used in this class?


Each class follows a similar structure but as I’m always participating in seminars and trainings, I am constantly introducing new props into the workshop. You can expect to regularly see foam rollers, lacrosse balls, yoga straps, peanuts (two lacrosse balls taped together), and small gummy balls. All of these props help us to more precisely target the muscles we are working to relax.


What can a first-timer expect in your class? Do we need to have experience in foam rolling…and is it painful??


No previous experience is needed and all are welcome! Your body will thank you for carving out time to help it recover more effectively. The lights are low and the music is smooth. Dress comfortably and be ready for 60 minutes of light stretching, core activation, and guided self-myofascial release. Most people describe the self-myofascial release techniques (foam rolling and the alike) to be a “hurts so good” feeling. As with all of the Ascend Underground classes, modifications and progressions are given for each element of class, making it accessible for all.



How does this class provide a better release over simply stretching or foam rolling at home?


The brain is wired to stay in its comfort zone and at Ascend we are constantly working to break out of that comfort zone and work towards becoming the best version of ourselves. Attending class will help you step outside of your comfort zone and learn new techniques and tricks to recover. The hands-on and guided approach to self-myofascial release will ensure correct form with the ultimate goal that you will practice on your own at home until the next class.


We’re sold! When can we find you on the schedule at Ascend?


Join us Saturday, December 8th at 10:30am for our next workshop!


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Register for the December 8th workshop and email to let us know you will be there!
Workshop participants will receive a lacrosse ball and exercise worksheet to take home.


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