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One of the exciting aspects of owning a clothing boutique is finding new lines that offer solutions to our clients. I was at market in February for the 2017 fall lines when I came upon a model advertising an over-sized red sweater from a line I didn’t know. I instantly loved what she was wearing — comfortable, casual, but chic and sophisticated at the same time. I made an appointment for a showroom visit for the next day.


When I arrived at the expansive loft showroom with floor-to-ceiling windows and fabulous spreads of food, I could barely speak as I ignored the views and paninis and almost ran to the racks of clothing. Buyers were sitting at different tables asking models to try on different styles, and many times three different sized models would try on the same item to show its versatility on different body types. This is when I knew that RUNDHOLZ was a line for TSALT.


RUNDHOLZ is a German design house founded by husband and wife team Carsten and Lenka Rundholz. Based in the Lower Rhine area in an 1811 building hidden behind high hedges and old willows rebuilt as a modern creative refuge, Carsten and Lenka Rundholz are calm yet focused designers. While other couples in their twenties were mingling in cafes, they were already planning their first collection. Not only did they want to wear distinctive fashion, they also wanted to share their creative ideas with others, building a lifestyle brand. They presented their first collection in 1993 and their lines grow each year, with two collections and more than 300 pieces annually.


Lenka Rundholz started in the industry as a display and visual presentation artist; she always wanted to be dressed beautifully. It was a challenge for Carsten. As a former graphic designer, he was trained in the art of fashion through its design and wanted to create a look his wife would love to wear.


RUNDHOLZ represents a natural look, one that balances everyday life and business, and the line is easily finding fans in the creative scene who chose not to be part of the typical fashion circuit. Think film producers, artists, authors, and journalists…all love the interesting, textured pieces, which are mostly influenced by the art scene, travel, and simply by observing architecture.


I am obsessed with their long jackets (which serve dual purposes, as a dress with heels or thrown over yoga wear, elevating your after-workout look), their over-sized sweaters, and of course, their iconic, roomy dresses.

We have recently just received RUNDHOLZ at TSALT and are excited to share our enthusiasm for this line with you.


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TSALT is a boutique that has developed a dual concept of producing private label styles along with complimentary brands that embody the same vision ~ women who are looking for chic and sophisticated clothing that will travel well and compliment their busy lives.

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  1. Avatar Isabel says:

    It’s surprising, it’s the style I want to wear for the rest of my life.

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