Runway Runaway

Runway fashion is never predictable. Runway makeup, sometimes, is. But that’s OK, and even comforting. Just the way fall weather grows cooler and skies darker with it, fall runway makeup tends toward less color on the cheek, save a wind-blown pop here and there, lips grow darker, and so on.

This year, look out for…

Clean Faces

Skin should be the star of the face, as clothes should be the star of the runway show, or at least that’s what the evidence has been showing us this season.

bare face fall 2016


How do I bring it home?

Take good care of your skin. Cleanse twice daily, moisturize the same. Apply foundation with a beautyblender or brush for the most even, seamless coverage. Add a spot of cream highlight to cheekbones. When possible, wear foundation only where your skin is giving you issues.

Darker than Dark Lips

We’re used to seeing dark lips for fall. It’s one of my favorite things about fall, actually. This year, the berries gave way to a darker, classically gothic vibe with black-based cherry tones, or even outright black.

dark lip fall 2016 copy

How do I bring it home?

If you’re not usually a lipstick person, try the deepest berry lip liner you can find, and soften the effect with a lip gloss or balm on top. A sheer purple-based lipstick will also give the feel of a dark, dramatic lip, without crossing over into runway territory.

Dramatic Parts

Whether a straight-as-an-arrow middle part or a deep side part, we saw a lot of precision in hair parting for the season. A refined departure from the slightly messier, “natural” part we’ve seen a lot lately, especially on the red carpet.

dramatic part 2 copy

How do I bring it home?

No need to play with this one: do it just as you would think. If you have shorter pieces in front, I may steer away from the stark middle, opting instead for a deeper middle part, with the short pieces pinned over. Bear in mind that if you have a more prominent nose — whether you like that about yourself or not — a middle part will draw attention to it.

Tousled, Air-Dried Texture

A little fuzziness never hurt anyone, especially not in these soft styles. They look as if after letting hair air dry, fingers were spritzed with texture spray and ends rolled between them.

tousled fuzzy ends

How do I bring it home?

Instead of being made to rue the day you don’t have time to blow out your hair, celebrate it by misting a volume or texture spray in damp hair, and keeping a travel size dry shampoo or dry texture spray in your purse to mess up ends after your hair has dried.

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