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Joy: It seems anytime I purchase pointed-toe shoes, I end up ruining the tips of them. Am I doing something wrong?

Christen, The Shoe Hive: Yes, and no. I think some people are just prone to this because of the way they walk. I am one of them. But there are things you can do keep this from happening and to fix it if it does happen. First, ensure that you are purchasing the right fit. A lot of shoppers go up a half-size in pointed shoes because they don’t want their toes to get scrunched up. But if a shoe is a tad too large, you are more likely to walk unnaturally in it, increasing the chances of hitting the tip on the pavement or on steps.

Speaking of steps, they can often be the culprit. I clearly recall my aunt showing me over a decade ago how to walk up steps in pointed heels in such a way that you keep your shoes pristine. Use the handrail for guidance and place your whole foot at an inward angle, instead of straight on the step with the toe pointed forward. For example, if you are using the handrail to the right, place your foot down on the step angled to the left. Do this with both feet and you won’t look silly (I promise) AND your shoes will be saved.

If it’s too late and the tips of your shoes are already scuffed and torn, it’s a quick fix at the shoe repair shop. But only if your shoes are real leather! This is the last important tip. Don’t buy pointed flats or heels in anything but real leather because only real leather can be restored to its original condition. Hope this helps!

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  1. Avatar Tracy says:

    I definitely recommend a product called Tip Top Shoe Saver for pointy-toe shoes. Through some kind of miracle, it removes the bends and creases in the tips of my shoes, and makes them look new again.

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