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by Susan, Zoe Boutique

We’ve all been there. We think our outfit or make-up looks good but we’d like a second opinion. But then we find ourselves facing one of the following situations:

1) The significant other who is eager to get out of the store or depart for the event. He tells you that you look great just to hasten his escape.
2) The frenemy – She either takes private joy in having you look bad in something (so she tells you it looks great) or she is jealous that you look fabulous (so she tells you that you look awful).
3) The pushy salesperson – just wants to make the sale so she tells you that you look wonderful in everything you try on .

But as with almost everything these days, there’s an app for that! Meet Pinxter, a fashion app based in Alexandria (and promoted by Alexandria-based Red Peg Marketing). I first learned about this free app (available for iPhone, and iPad) when I noticed an article in the Washington Post’s Capital Business publication, noting that the app had surpassed 50,000 downloads. Anytime we can combine fashion with technology, I have to investigate.

pinxter icon

Pinxter allows you to share everything from your outfit to your make-up to your shoes and accessories and get instant feedback from a fashion-savvy community. While I’m a little too old to be comfortable posting “selfies”, I decided to take the plunge and post the picture of an outfit that a customer had sent to me earlier this year. The app makes it easy to post a picture, ask a question and even hash tag the item so that others can search on it.

Pinxter Photo

As you can see, the outfit is trending on the “YES” side, with over 2/3rds of the viewers giving it thumbs up. Each time an item is reviewed, the person reviewing receives a “Diamond” as a reward. Users of the app can use earned Diamonds (and can also purchase them, if they choose) to boost their post so that it is seen by the largest number of people in the shortest time span. So if time is of the essence in making your fashion decision, this is the way you want to go! On average, most Pinxter users receive an average of 30+ votes within the first 2 minutes of upload.

One of the things I really like about the app is that the rating is truly a simple “thumbs up/thumbs down”. People so often use the anonymity of the Internet to be cruel and this approach prevents the addition of hurtful comments. The app does permit anyone to share any photo on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest so don’t post anything that you wouldn’t want shared with the world!

Want to shop the look you just saw on Pinxter? Brands are also using the app as a mobile commerce (m-commerce) sales tool. Anywhere that you see a shopping cart in the lower left hand corner of the photo, you can click on it and go directly to a website to purchase the item.


Luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton and Chanel have used the app to get customer feedback on various looks and tie in the m-commerce capabilities. The application’s designers hope to continue to expand their reach in the coming months, including brands, boutiques, and even a collaboration with a wedding website.

Pinxter Feature

How might you use Pinxter this holiday season? Take a picture of that new sweater before you make the decision to return it or the dress you are planning to wear for New Years Eve. Get an unbiased second opinion!

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  1. Julie Greenwood says:

    I downloaded it a few days ago. I think it would be useful for brands to post new items, but the App gives no room for comments. For example, one woman had a “do you like my makeup” post and while her skin and eyes were flawless, her lips were a disaster. I felt bad giving her an across the board, “no”, because I wanted to tell her what did look good. Some of the selfies are hard to judge as well. I can’t tell if I like a dress when I can only see the top fifth of it. It’s an interesting way to pass the time.

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