Seven Ways To Love Lanterns, Indoors or Outside

It seems unfathomable right now to think about entertaining outdoors, but cooler weather is coming soon.  My latest crush for decorating outdoors is with lanterns, and I especially love oversized lanterns.

lanterns in a yard

Scattering lanterns in your yard can add an artsy effect.

lanterns in tree

Hanging lanterns in trees creates a magical effect.

Lanterns are lovely scattered about in the yard, where they add light and art to a garden, or collected in the corners of a patio or deck, casting a warm glow around the evening. Everyone looks better in candlelight, and lanterns ensure no crisp fall gust will dim the radiance.

lanterns coffee table

Lanterns are a great way to embellish your coffee table.

While they add perfect ambiance to your outdoor space, lanterns can also be brought indoors during the colder months to add that much needed glow to keep your home cozy. And since the flame is enclosed, lanterns are a bit safer than candles alone.  They add nice drama and can fill an empty space in your house.

lanterns tablescape

Lanterns create a beautiful tablescape.

Lanterns can make a beautiful centerpiece for your table as well.  Smaller lanterns are nice for sit down dinners and the larger ones are great for a buffet table.

Here are some tips when decorating with lanterns.

  1. Make sure the glass of the lantern is sparkling clean. Streaks show up in front of the candlelight.
  2. Don’t put short candles in a tall lantern, they will get lost. Aim for the top of a candle to be two-thirds as tall as the glass in the lantern.
  3. Add a riser inside a lantern if the candle you are using is too short. Put a candlestick on a small cake pedestal in a lantern to add height and lots of interest.
  4. Grouping lanterns have a huge WOW factor! A group of three is perfect. And they don’t have to be the same style or color. In fact, mixing is encouraged.
  5. If the base of the lantern is big enough, add a few candles of varying height inside the lantern.
  6. I prefer to use real candles, but sometimes it makes sense to use battery operated candles.  If you put them on timers, your lanterns light up every night.
  7. Hanging lanterns in your trees outdoors creates a beautiful effect in your garden.

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