Share the Love, part 2: Your Spouse/Partner as Workout Partner (Yes, Really)

Last week I wrote about the benefits of having a training partner. If I’m having any influence over your behaviors (which I hope I am), this now means you’re wondering where you might find a workout partner. We have that super fit friend who’s in the gym five or six days a week and or runs at least that often – but is that the right workout partner for you? What about that friend who works out occasionally – just like you? Is that the right person? Both types could be very suitable workout partners, but maybe you should look a little closer to home. What about your spouse/partner?

Now I know what you’re saying… “Working out with my partner is a horrible idea.” “We’d compete with one another.” “We have different goals.” “We like to workout at different times.” “Exercise is my ‘me’ time,” etc., etc. These are all legitimate concerns and should certainly be factored in to your final decision. But let me ask you this: have you tried working out with your partner? If so, did you two try to do it on your own?

In many cases, turning over the “authority” of exercise to a personal trainer can help mitigate a lot of the barriers to exercising with your partner. Let an expert build a workout that benefits you both, takes the competition out of the mix (or better yet, creates a fun, healthy competition), and lets you focus on you – while still getting the positive energy from having your loved one right next to you.

This isn’t just us trainers trying to get more people in the gym. According to Psychology Today, there’s a “growing body of evidence [that] suggest couples who sweat together really do stay together.” Why? Let’s talk about three reasons:


It increases accountability

This is where having different routines can be an advantage. Do you miss workouts in the morning? If your partner is a morning person, that nudge to hit the gym may be just what you need. Some days you miss that morning workout and you need to do it after work, but can’t fathom going to the gym once you’ve been home. As luck would have it, your partner prefers evening workouts and that’s your motivation. In short, you’re less likely to skip a workout if someone is there to provide a loving nudge.


It can reignite the spark that brought you together

Exercise creates physiological responses (sweaty hands, a racing pulse, shortness of breath) that mimic romantic attraction (remember those feelings…?).


It creates a deeper emotional bond

Have you noticed that you and your significant other sometimes do things the same way? This isn’t an accident, it’s part of the emotional bond you’ve developed. And doing the same exercise enforces “nonverbal matching [which] helps people feel emotionally attuned with one another.” Huh…who knew doing burpees together could help your emotional relationship?!

Whether Valentine’s Day is a big event in your life or not, consider “Sharing the Love” of exercise with your partner. If you two don’t want to go it alone at the gym or aren’t really sure where to start, consider stopping by Fitness on the Run and bring your partner to your personal training session.

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