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Thanksgiving is becoming my favorite holiday. When I was a child, it was most definitely Christmas and my birthday. Thankfully, with age comes wisdom and finding ways to spend time with family and friends is, in the words of MasterCard, priceless. Let’s not forget that it’s a food-focused holiday where we break into traditional family recipes. Whether from a cookbook, written on a stained recipe card, or etched in our collective memories, recipes are the basis for great tasting food. 

If you are like me, you use a recipe as a guide and thus the end result is never exactly the same. Science with a need for accuracy is something I can appreciate but falls outside of my innovative joie de vivre. I am more than happy to substitute an ingredient in lieu of another trip to the grocery store while letting these dishes evolve each time and stumbling upon new and interesting outcomes.  On the other end, there are those who are meticulous followers of every direction, taking time to measure each ingredient with precision. They find comfort in the absolute.

Wherever you fall in your approach to cooking, it’s possible you practice that same philosophy with your wardrobe. Do you find you are a rule follower and need exact directions for how pieces go together? Or are you a risk taker who only needs a little guidance to replicate a look? Regardless of your philosophy, putting a plan of action into place will make the day go smoothly without coming apart at the seams. (And speaking of seams…heed the warning of stretching seams and busting buttons: everything within moderation!) 

Here are a few Thanksgiving Dressing Recipes for those who follow directions, and for the innovators out there, I give you inspiration!

Recipe #1 Casual Dressing
When it’s all about the food and not the clothing, comfort is key. Why not pick comfortable statement footwear as your main ingredient?  The denim and the top or complements to the boot. Finishing the look to a subtle perfection only requires a trip to Bellacara for the ideal shade of nail and/or lip color.


Recipe #2 Cozy Dressing
When you need to find a happy place between being respectable and being cozy, a statement sweater says polish and comfort. I chose this one from Kiskadee for its modern cut and then played down the other two elements. This look would also work with a bootie. 


Recipe #3 Chic Dressing
And if Thanksgiving is a time to step it up, go chic while still remaining comfortable with this outfit from Kiskadee – it is a Lycra blend fabric that allows for a little give. I would have loved to finish this look with the navy Bettye Muller suede “Affair” heel (shown here in black), but alas, there was only one size left! Somewhere out there is a Cinderella for that magic navy slipper! 


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