This exceptionally beautiful collection we carry here at Coco Blanca is one of our favorites for fall. The brushed and cracked gold, tassel accents, and fun colors woven into classic shapes complete every look! Plus, they make gorgeous holiday gifts for everyone on your list!

This stunning three-layer bracelet is made up of gold, wood, and colorful thread. The best part about this piece is the adjustable bead, so you can customize the bracelet to fit perfectly. We also carry this bracelet with brown and baby blue accents, so you can buy one for every outfit.

This stunning ladder bracelet is one of our favorites, because it combines our two favorite materials: gold and pearl! It is so versatile, and also comes in periwinkle in place of the blush thread. Throw it on for a pop of color!


These absolutely incredible earrings are unique, fun, and modern. The tassel is sure to add a pop of glimmer to your look under the holiday lights! Additionally, they are super lightweight, which is always a plus.


This pretty choker is neutral, fun, and functional! The double wrap style and brushed gold on a soft, cognac suede cord grounds outfits with lighter colors like cream, blush, and beige.


This super-cool piece is one of our best pieces from the collection. This bracelet is a statement on its own, and the cool black tassels accenting a more reserved gold piece create a fun mix of trendy and classic!


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