The Shoe Hive Celebrates Moms: A Mother’s Day Sale

There are only a few times a year when we expect to see men in our store, and to be honest it’s always a little strange. The Shoe Hive is a haven for women, a place of respite — free of men and their questions as to why we need another pair of shoes. But throughout the week before Mother’s Day, the number of men who walk through our door jumps dramatically. These brave souls always look a little lost without their wives for guidance. Their eyes widen as they take in everything, and they stand awkwardly at the front of our store until one of us is able to assist. 

Mother's Day Collage hive

When it comes to gift selection our task is easy if we know the customer’s wife or mom; we can help pick out something we know she’s already had her eye on or point him in the direction of a top-selling product in a wearable color. Our task is even easier when he comes accompanied by children who voice opinions on what to get and on what not to get Mom. (Typically, children’s opinions on gifts are much stronger than Dad’s, which we always find amusing.)

shoe hive mothers day sale

To help with this year’s (last-minute) gift selection process, we have decided to mark down all of our handbags and jewelry by 30 percent. Why just jewelry and handbags? Because she never has enough of them and they always fit. So, starting Monday, May 2 and running through Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 8, you can score big deals on everything from a French-made Jerome Dreyfuss bag to a custom Asha by ADM necklace with your children’s initials. 

Whether you want to come fill out a wish list and have us contact your children or husband for you, or you want to send them in on their own — we are always happy to help find you the perfect gift!

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