Next Week is Teacher Appreciation Week: Here’s How To Show Your Teacher Some Love

The first week in May is Teacher Appreciation Week.  It’s one of the many weeks out of the year that we get to show our teachers how thankful we are for all that they have done to enrich our lives and the lives of our children.  My children have been so fortunate to have a slew of amazing teachers.  Just because I have a forum and can… my top five are Ms. McClain from Annandale Cooperative Preschool; Ms. Carter and Ms. Madan from William Ramsey; and Ms. TLC and Ms. Herder from Maury.  These women are truly gifted educators and my children are better human beings because of them.

Since we love our teachers so much, we wanted to share with you a few teacher appreciation gift ideas.  Below are just some simple ways you can say thank you to the people that are expanding your children’s minds.

For your favorite math teacher or language arts teacher, these mugs paired with a pound of Swings Coffee make a wonderful gift.  They’ll need the caffeine to help them grade those papers!

A friend of mine had a wonderful idea to give one of our Public Supply notebooks (they give a percentage of their proceeds to NYC’s public schools) and a Starbucks gift card to her kids’ teachers.  I thought it was a really sweet gesture that was just the right amount and set just the right tone.

Every year at Maury the PTA encourages all the students to bring a flower to their teacher on a specific day in order to create one big, giant bouquet.  How sweet would your child’s flower look in one of these simple bud vases.  It’s something they will use over and over again, I promise.  Available in navy blue and black in addition to the white above.

Food is always a good gift for someone who may get a lot of gifts next week.  We are big fans of Big Picture Farms caramels.  They are award-winning goat milk caramels made with fresh, raw, creamy goat’s milk from a herd of the happiest and healthiest free-ranging goats you’ll ever meet.  I’m a big fan of the Chai and Maple Cream.  So yummy!

Sometimes just a simple note of thanks is enough.  Our selection of thank you cards are sometimes sweet and sometimes salty.  It’s up to you to decide what direction to go.  Either way, your teachers will appreciate the thoughtfulness.

Finally, to all our teachers past and present, thank you.  Thank you for taking the same field trips year after year, thank you for the long nights and lost weekends of grading papers, thank you for only taking your vacation over summer, winter, and spring breaks, thank you for instilling in my children a love of reading, thank you for your seemingly endless well of patience, thank you for putting up with pain-in-the-a** parents like me, and thank you for always being kind, caring, and loving…even in the worst of circumstances.  We, as parents, are eternally grateful.

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