Sister/Sister: The Exuma Edition

We have a thing for sister designers: Twine & Twig, Lizzie Fortunato, Veronica Beard, and now Exuma. But we didn’t realize twin sisters Deborah and Elisa were behind the Bahamian brand started in 2014 until we ordered their bags. We were just smitten for the pom-lined clutches in bright colors!

Originally from Switzerland, Deborah and Elisa grew up visiting the Exuma Islands in the Bahamas regularly as children and think of it as their second home. They were inspired by the islands’ bohemian-chic lifestyle and translated that ease and elegance into their handbag line.

Exuma bags are made using the finest leathers and materials sourced from Italy. The designers are intent on supporting local Swiss workshops and the Swiss manufacturing industry in the production of their bags. True to their lifestyle and brand, they only work with small manufacturers who embrace eco-friendly and ethical production methods.

In short, in addition to the fun colors and playful poms, there is a whole host of additional reasons to feel good about owning your very own Exuma clutch — now for sale at The Shoe Hive!

P.S. They all come with a chain strap in case you’re not into actually “clutching” your clutch. And prices range from $195 to $220.

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