Is There a Small Business You Want to See in Stylebook? Let us Know!

We absolutely love our community, and we love all of the businesses that make up this fantastic place we call home. COVID has been challenging, though. It’s been a wild ride and has made these businesses do twists, turns, and pivots to keep things going – and to supply us with all the amazing things they offer. So first, we want to say thank you to all of the small businesses that make the Alexandria community the wonderful place that it is.

And now, we want you to tell us about a small business that you love and you think should be featured in Stylebook. We have wonderful small business contributors that fill our site, and we want to expand and feature some of the other businesses in town that make this community whole.

So, if you know a business (or own a business) that you think deserves a shout out for being amazing, let us know! Send us 200 words on why you love the business, what makes them great, a photo to go along with it, and your business could be chosen to be featured in Stylebook. Submissions should be sent to with the subject “We Love Small Business.”

We look forward to hearing about all of the amazing businesses!



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