Not too long ago I hosted a dinner party and received a wonderful hostess gift…a lavender-scented pillow insert.  Now I’ve heard of such inserts, but never had I thought to treat myself.  Well, I should have, I LOVE IT!  Every time I turn a lovely fragrance fills the air, I fall back into a deep sleep…and I’m in heaven!

I dug deeper and discovered the delicious, fragrant world of elizabethW.  This company is so committed to their products and their customers that we received multiple samples. The entire Kiskadee staff sniffed, tested, and voted for their favorites.  Meanwhile, Celeste made a beeline for her bathtub and sank into the luxurious lavender elizabethW bath fizzes.

These elizabethW products make terrific hostess gifts or, better yet, a wonderful gift for yourself.  If you don’t pamper yourself, who will?


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