Smythe Hits Every Fall Trend and Gets It Exactly Right. Again.

To continue with the fall theme, I naturally felt it was the right time to share some fall trends coming to you soon at TSALT. As I started perusing the order sheets, I noticed a common trend: Smythe. This brand is very near and dear to TSALT; Alicia at Tullebox introduced it to the boutique a few years back and it’s been a much-loved staple ever since. Personally, I think Smythe keeps getting better, and what’s not to love about that?

This season, Smythe has hit so many trends that I felt obliged to share them with you because they are that good! Again, these items are coming soon, but I wanted to put them on your radar before they got snatched up.


  • The latest from Ali
Ali’s greatest passion is empowering women to look and feel their best. With this mission in mind she launched her personal styling business, ALH Style. On a daily basis you’ll find Ali cleaning out closets, shopping for clients, or creating lookbooks for the busy professional women of D.C. and Alexandria. Starting a fashion-based business from scratch has given Ali an eye for marketing. She’s now also managing TSALT’s social media, styling their new product shoots, and promoting their fun and fabulous brands to women in the DMV. Ali has lived in Alexandria, Virginia for eight years. She met her husband Cameron here, and they have a precious daughter, Cavin, and two little yorkies, Ollie and Lou.

TSALT is a boutique that has developed a dual concept of producing private label styles along with complimentary brands that embody the same vision ~ women who are looking for chic and sophisticated clothing that will travel well and compliment their busy lives.

106 North Saint Asaph Street
Alexandria VA 22314


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