4 Ways To Spoil Yourself this Mother’s Day

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Who’s feeling stressed? Overrun by the demands of parenting, grandparenting, or just life in general? Do you feeling like life is driving you instead of you are driving your life?

Make this Mother’s Day the beginning of a new daily or weekly habit of treating yourself. From my articles on stress (refreshers here, here, here, and here), you know the health benefits of getting a break in the day. Here are four ideas I invite you to commit to just once a day, one just for five minutes…


Take an Epsom Salt Bath

The benefits go beyond the relaxation you’ll immediately feel during and after an Epsom salt bath. Epsom salts have been used for centuries for ailments and is now used for things like beauty, gardening, and even household uses. The magnesium and sulfate found in Epsom salts are best absorbed in the body through the skin. It reduces inflammation, alleviates hardening of the arteries, and improves muscle and nerve function.

Best bet: With regular use, it will help you get an amazing night’s sleep without a small, white pill.


Take a Vitamin D Walk

If I told you taking even just a five-minute walk break can rev up your weight loss, would you do it? In addition to curing the “blues” and easing daily frustrations, it removes you — even if only momentarily — from the stresses of the day. Soaking in Vitamin D (I call it “Vitamin S” for sun) lowers blood pressure, strengthens your bones, wards off memory loss, and releases “happy” chemicals like serotonin an dopamine in the brain.

Best bet: Leave the iPhone and friend at home. The quiet helps calm the brain and the iPhone is just a temptation from which you can walk away for 5 to 20 minutes today.  


Hire a Chef

One of the greatest challenges I hear from moms and grandmothers is meal planning and prep. So, find yourself a chef who can make you a delicious and healthy meal. Yes, it is an expense — but weigh that cost against your time and stress. Why not?

Best bet: Find a chef who specializes in delicious and healthy meals and order portions that will allow you to have leftovers for lunch.


Learn to Meditate

It just works. Folks from CEOs, to professional athletes, to moms like you and me are doing it and its making a difference. There are a ton of resources out there to learn “how” to. It can really help decrease your stress level, make you more present, and contribute to your overall health in ways you never ever imagined!

This Mother’s Day, focus on yourself. You can find — and you deserve! — much-needed relief from the daily grind.


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