How To Style Scarves this Fall

What is better than a soft, colorful scarf that you can throw on over anything? This upcoming fall season, Coco Blanca is focusing on printed scarves, worn just about any way you can imagine. With all these gorgeous options, you can bet that you’ll never catch us with a cold neck!


Our first pick is this black-and-white fringe scarf. Both models have styled this scarf in a loose wrap, which is probably the best way to wear this fun option. A black-and-white scarf is a great addition to your closet because it will spice up an outfit in a classy way.


This next scarf is a slightly different style. Although it still has beautiful thick fringe, it has slightly longer tails, reaching down to the hips and providing a breezy look. The way the model has styled this, with a longer cardigan, gets all the proportions right so the outfit is in balance.


Neutral with a nice pop of color! The red interspersed between the paisley in this scarf is perfect for fall.


A bit more geometric, which is very popular this season and always a nice addition to an accessories collection, the muted burgundy and cornflower blue in this scarf are nice to mix with neutrals.


This scarf is an oblong shape, so it is rectangular and doesn’t have angled ends. Although this model has styled it in a loose wrap, an oblong scarf works great tied around the neck, looped through itself, or worn as a shawl because the ends are always even. This exotic print reminds us of vacation, and the red is to die for!


The last style that we’ve been loving is a kimono style. This scarf is extremely wide, so it covers the whole back and can be worn like a shrug when it’s folded over one time. However, it is nice and light, so it can also be worn as a regular scarf as well, loosely wrapped over a soft tee.


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