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Yes, we know there is snow on the ground. Yes, we know that the temperatures have been unbearable lately. Still, spring is just around the corner, which means it’s time for spring cleaning! Guest writer Megan Podolsky of 529 Kids Consign has tips for tackling your closet chaos as we prepare for warmer weather.


1. Make sure your seasonal clothing is easiest to reach. Spring in the D.C. area can mean a big range of temperatures but once the warmer days become more regular, switching some items around can make for easier mornings. Store your go-to items in a top drawer or towards the front of your closet to make getting dressed hassle-free.


2. Group clothing by color. Color coordination instantly helps to add organization. This task will also help you to see what you have at a glance. Do you have three green sweaters but not a good go-to white cardigan for everyday wear? Now you’ll know!

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3. Find what needs a fixin’. Pull out and group together the clothing that needs a new hem or is missing a button or has a deep stain. Make a list of what needs to be altered and fixed and make a plan to get it done!


4. Make money by consigning unwanted items. For items you’ve outgrown or decided you don’t need, check them closely. If they are still in good condition try consigning them! 529 Kids Consign accepts both gear and clothing for expecting moms, babies, kiddos and ‘tweens! Bring your best items to earn store credit or cash you can use to get those items you to complete your closet!


5. Donate! For those items that have been loved a bit more, find a worthy organization to which you can donate your goods! You’ll be doing something good for yourself by cleaning your closet and doing something for good for someone else in need!

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