This Year Is THE YEAR! Spring Cleaning Tips for the Closet You Want

‘Tis the season to clean out that closet! We may not know exactly when spring temperatures will hit (is that groundhog ever correct? who knows!), but we do know the warmer season is coming so it’s time to get ready. If your closets are anything like ours, they’re brimming with hats, gloves, snow boots and sweaters but soon it will be time to make way for lightweight jackets, sundresses, and sandals. As a mom of three and owner of 529 Kids Consign, I’ve picked up a tip or two about organizing your stuff. Here are my top six tips.


1. Have a game plan! 

Oftentimes we don’t want to “attack” a closet cleaning project becomes the task can seem never-ending. But if you designate a specific amount of time it feels much more doable, even if you have to split it up over a weekend or even a month of weekends (we get it). Just make a plan to get it done. Bonus points, make it a double-duty tasks and listen to a podcast you’ve been meaning to get to. Win-win!


2. Categories are key

Even if you don’t know exactly how much space each group will need, at least start grouping items by category. Sweaters in one area, shorts in another. Just be sure to make a good assessment of everything you currently have so you can group items accordingly. You might have have assigned a couple of hooks to store your hats last year, but if you picked up a fedora obsession in the last year, you might have to reallocate your space.


3. Get creative with storage

Of course we’re all used to our go-to storage solutions with plastic bins and baskets, but think beyond the traditional. We’re all about giving new life to previously loved finds, so we suggest using a little bit of creativity and hunting for unique storage containers at places like Goodwill or even shopping around your house to see how you can repurpose a piece of furniture you already own. We love this idea of using gold-plated curio cabinent to store handbags. This could also work well for diaper bags, backpacks, briefcases, work totes etc.


4. How’s it hangin’? 

Choosing the right hangers is a must. For a more cohesive closet, it’s worth splurging on matching hangers, but with so many options how do you choose? Plastic tubular hangars are good because they can be inexpensive and easy to find but do be careful because it’s easy for them to lose their shape. Wooden hangers can make your closet feel like a high-end boutique but they can be a bit more pricey. Velvet hangers are good for saving space and you can find them easily at discount stores. It’s easy also pretty to find these in smaller sizes to accommodate clothes for babies and kids. Bonus tip, you can add finger clips to whichever hangers you choose for a better way to display pants and skirts.  And, of course, in the words of  the classic film Mommie Dearest, “NO WIRE HANGERS.”


5. Try it on

This can be tedious but when you’re figuring out what items you need to keep in your closet, it’s well worth your time to try things on. This can especially be true for ever-growing kids, new moms whose bodies have seen a lot of change, or anyone who has had fluctuations in their weight in the past couple of years (and who hasn’t?). The white jeans you swore by last year might not fit the same this year. They may just require a simple alterations or they might need to be replaced all together, but it’s better to discover that now then when you’re running late for work on a Thursday morning.


6. Edit, edit, edit! 

After you’ve figured out what needs to go, divide items into what needs to be tossed, what can be donated, and leave your best items to be consigned. For your kids’s clothes, make an appointment to bring them into us at 529 Kids Consign (or on Wednesdays, we take walk-ins!). We’ll go through and choose items that could work well at our boutique. Not only do you get to purge you also have a chance to make some cash, opt for store credit, and find something fresh on our carefully curated racks!


How do you get your spring cleaning done? Let us know if you have any tips, tricks, or hacks below.
But no matter how you do, just get to it. Cheers to a beautiful (and clutter-free) spring! 


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