Spring Hair Trends: A Hint of Sunshine & A Splash of Happiness

While spring is officially present, we’re often left wondering if we should throw on a t-shirt or a down jacket before heading out the door as we wait for reliably warmer days. However, spring hair trends are ready to go right now and they’re bringing a hint of sunshine and a splash of happiness, ranging from the tried-and-true balayage, fun pastels and lilac colors, and sassy lobs. If you’re looking to spice up your hair this season, we have some inspiration for you.

The biggest trend this season is the good ol’, but never old, balayage. It’s an absolutely amazing painted hair color that allows you to go longer than eight weeks without needing a touch up. The most popular balayage style right now has been bright, cool blondes. It’s not a shade for every skin tone; typically a cool-tone blonde looks great on someone who has pink or red undertones to neutralize your skin and make your hair pop.

Another spin on balayage has been using toned browns, which adds a sun-kissed effect on someone with brown or black hair. We have several talented stylists at Bazzak who specialize in all types of coloring and balayage is one for our favorites.

Another look that has become increasingly popular lately are pastels and lilac colors. This can be a fun option whether you have an office job and only want a peekaboo magenta swath underneath your hair, or have a super artistic lifestyle and want to rock full-on rose gold or soft gray/purple hair. We’ve seen this trend become a favorite among all ages and genders as it allows people to express themselves in a fun and different, yet charming, manner.

Last, we have a sassy spin on the bob cut. Some might not be familiar with the term “lob” or lob cut, but this style produces some absolutely amazing hairstyles. The lob is essentially a long bob and it’s perfect for someone who likes short hair and has always wanted to try it, but still likes to pull their hair back at the gym or to keep it away from their two year old!

Another closely related cut in this family is the Ko, which is a cut that graces the shoulder but does not go past it. The hair can be the same length all around or a bit longer in the front and shorter in the back for some edge. Either way, this cut takes the cake if you want to combine class and sass with aplomb.

Be sure ask your stylist which look suits you best so you can turn heads all season long!


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