Spring Makeup Trends, Rated for Real Life

I promised you all I’d be more adventurous with my own makeup this year. To wit: I have tried out some things on a list of trends we witnessed a few months ago on the Spring 2017 runway. As it’s sort of unfair, given my job, I have included a Makeup Person rating and a 9-5 Appropriate rating for each.

Trend Number One: Draping blush

Artists for the Spring 2017 runway made a mad dash back to the 80s for some bright pops in what amounts to a bold half-circle next to the eye. Instead of starting on the apple of the cheek, as is my preference for myself and 97 percent of my clients, I started on the temple and blended a little up and a little down. I tried to use enough product and a bright enough color to show up in these photos, but not so much that the cashier at Trader Joe’s would mention it when I went through the line with four bottles of wine and a box of chocolate cereal. You know, I actually liked it. I might even do it again!

Makeup Person rating: 5/5. Life is short, play with trends while they’re trends.

9-5 Appropriate rating: 3/5. Simply because it’s not really mainstream yet, the rest of your makeup has to be on point and of-the-moment to avoid looking dated with this blush effect. Also, I’d start with a very subdued shade of blush, for the same reason.

Trend Number Two: Lite Brite-level bold lips

Inside of this bright lip trend, I tried the fringe trend of doing each lip a different color, and I tried it twice. The first time, I used two colors that were basically the shimmery and non-shimmery versions of each other, so no one really noticed, myself included. The second time, I used two super different colors, pictured here. Suffice to say, I took it off when the first customer to come in asked me if I’d forgotten which lip color to touch up with. Touché, ma’am.

Makeup Person rating: 2/5. If you are a YouTuber with a dedicated following, or are one of those people who wears weird lipstick to pump yourself up while you vacuum the house, go for it. I am neither of those people.

9-5 Appropriate rating: 0/5. Do not wear this to work. You will be asked by human resources if you are having a breakdown. This is not ideal.

Trend Number Three: Metallic lips

I think we got an early start to this trend with the arrival of Jouer’s Long-Wear Lip Toppers, but it looks like it’ll be continuing well into 2017, and even intensifying. I was already biased toward this trend when I decided to try it, so be prepared for a totally non-neutral review. I love this trend. The first time I wore metallic gloss without a strong color underneath, I had to pop into The Hive for a moment. The lovely Christen, Stylebook Creative Director Sarah, and model/yogi/chiropractor extraordinaire Dr. Miranda Wall all expressed levels of excitement over the glitter lip that solidified my already growing fondness for it.

Makeup Person rating: 5/5. Because obviously you of all people should wear glittery lips.

9-5 Appropriate rating: 2/5 or 5/5. This look gets a 2/5 for the office, because if you work on the Hill or you’re sitting behind a county prosecutor’s desk all day, it’s probably not the most professional look. It gets a 5/5 for weekends because if glitter is your jam, what better thing to add to your already glittery wardrobe than glitter gloss?

What trends are you excited or dismayed to see lined up for the coming season? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Sarah Felton Sarah Felton says:

    Haha! This is amazing. Thanks for the tips!!

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