Spring Office Dressing: 5 Ways NOT To Be Boring

At least five days a week, we have to think about what to wear to the office.  Don’t let it be a chore!  Fashion is an extension of our personality and it doesn’t have to wait for the weekends.  Work clothing can also be vibrant, classic, confident, and stylish!  Here are a few examples of how to dispense with the ho-hum of work dressing!

1. The Classic Look

Bam!  There is nothing more classic than a navy sheath for work!  However, this is not your basic sheath.  It has a wonderful, crinkled texture while the red windowpane adds an air of confidence…you can’t wear red without it!  The statement necklace lends a creative air and a bit of fun.  It is the perfect “I mean business” dress!

2. Business Casual

What. Is. That.  Perplexing indeed!  We have put together the perfect “in-between” outfit.  We took a beautiful, sleeveless spring dress and topped it with a dual-textured linen blazer.  The blazer is completely on-trend with its unfinished edge on the lapels and hem.  The addition of the statement necklace lends an edge to a fabulous outfit!

3. Glamorous Attire

Yes, you can be glamorous and run the world!  Wild patterns, bright colors, bright lips, high heels…bring it on!  Your employees and fellow co-workers will appreciate the break of the mundane with your kaleidoscope of color!

4. Sophisticated Office Wear

Bring on the neutrals!  This gorgeous cream dress exudes sophistication.  Neutral does not mean plain!  It has a stunning texture reminiscent of an intricate weave yet the fringe adds an on-trend whimsical element.  Simple, refined, perfect.

5. Yes, Office Dressing Can Be Feminine

If you love flowy dresses, sweet patterns, and simple necklaces then the feminine, smart look is for you.  It is refined, easy, bordering on sweet, but you are known for your brains!

Don’t let the office dictate your style!

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