Spring Sweaters for All Seasons

Cold hands, warm heart…or so the saying goes (I don’t think I just made that up!).  If your temperature runs cold like mine, you have an every season love affair with sweaters.  You may be battling the office air conditioner, frozen section of the grocery store, vent in your favorite restaurant, a cooler-than-average July evening, or simply the chill of early spring. Lucky for us, we have a plethora of gorgeous spring sweaters available, at various price points, to keep us cozy and comfortable from now through the end of summer.

Creamy Spring Neutrals

Every…let me repeat myself…EVERY wardrobe needs a white or creamy neutral sweater.  Please note these are not boring!  They have an open weave for textural significance, organic details at the neckline or bodice, and varying hemlines for additional style.  Plus, they go with any denim wash, white jeans, maxi skirts, or toss them over a dress!

525 America, $88 | Debut, $82

On each of these sweaters, the tie detail is completely on-trend and a fantastic focal point!

 Acrobat, $148

This sweater is beautifully simple.  Or, think of it as a blank canvas to showcase vibrant spring and summer scarves or your favorite jewelry.

Color Me Beautiful

Once you have your spring neutrals it’s time to add color to your wardrobe!  Start with a lovely pastel..

 Dreamers, $79

Add a sweater that is softer than your favorite sweatshirt in a beautiful violet….

 Dreamers, $62

But don’t neglect black and tan…a classic combination!  And this sweater is rocking the details…a marled, open-weave texture, side slits, deep V-neck collar, and ties!  This sweater will elevate denim or white jeans to the next level!

 Mystree, $72

Statement Sweaters

Wilt, $293

Surprise!  Party in the back, baby!  Don’t neglect a very sensual and sexy part of the female anatomy.  This sweater definitely has an edge, a necessity for every well-rounded wardrobe.  And no worries about a visible bra…it is bra-friendly!

Calypso, $350

Spring/summer weight cashmere is yummmmy!  The softness and breathability is second to none and the combination of navy and white is absolutely classic!  The vibrant tassels add a bit of whimsy to this most splendid sweater.

Sweaters for all seasons will boost your wardrobe and extend it year round…who could ask for more?!

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