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Fall is my favorite season because it means that it is time to dig out all of my sweaters and start layering! As a knitter, I know and love the variety of stitch patterns that I can create and use in my wardrobe. For those who don’t knit, here’s a handy guide to stitches that you will find in stores and what makes them each unique.


“Plain” knit fabric created by keeping all the knit stitches (V-shaped) on one side and the purls (bar shaped) on the other. Usually worn with the knit side out. If worn the other way, it’s called “reverse stockinette.”

stockinette_puddlejumperPattern: “Puddle Jumper Poncho” by Bobbi Intveld

Available at: Fibre Space

Yarn: Blue Sky Fibers “Sweater” available at fibre space

Photo Credit: © Blue Sky Fibers


Columns of knit and purl stitches line up to form a cushy fabric with lots of built-in stretch. A ribbed sweater or beanie always looks sleek and chic!

rib_hudson-1Pattern: “Hudson” by Julie Hoover

Available at Brooklyn Tweed  

Yarn: Brooklyn Tweed “Shelter” available at fibre space

Photo Credit: © Jared Flood / Brooklyn Tweed

Garter Stitch

This stretchy fabric is created with knit stitches on both sides so it’s completely reversible! Often seen in accessories like scarves and shawls where both sides will be visible.

garter_redePattern: “Rede” by Olga Buraya-Kefelian

Available at: fibre space

Yarn: Woolfolk “Hygge” available at fibre space

Photo Credit: © woolfolkyarn


Stitches curve and cross over each other to make complex patterns (which conveniently makes the fabric of the sweater thicker and cozier!). Think of sailors and traditional Aran sweaters and you’ll know the look!

cable_piedmontPattern: “Piedmont” by Julie Hoover

Available at fibre space

Yarn: mYak “Baby Yak Medium” available at fibre space

Photo Credit: © Julie Hoover

Seed Stitch

Also known as moss stitch, knits and purls alternate to create a densely textured fabric, often used as a background for cables, or where a reversible fabric is needed. Great for a cozy cowl!

seed_tamarack_his_03Pattern: “Tamarack” by Jared Flood

Available at Brooklyn Tweed  

Yarn: Brooklyn Tweed “Quarry” available at fibre space

Photo Credit: © Jared Flood / Brooklyn Tweed


Stop by fibre space to check out these cute stitch pattern mugs from Debbie Bliss Home; not only are they illustrated with different stitches, the directions for knitting them are right inside the mug. The perfect gift for a crafty friend!

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