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Brooke Curran is a mom of three and a running fanatic who laced up her shoes for the first time 15 years ago just to get out of the house for some peace and quiet and fresh air. She hasn’t stopped running since: 63 marathons and counting! She is also the local hero, founder and president of RunningBrooke.


The RunningBrooke Fund engages and empowers citizens near and far to “lace up its shoes” for at-risk kids of Greater Alexandria. We focus on kids 0-6 and support early childhood education programs (pre-schools educations, books, reading) or programs that get kids outside and moving (playground revitalization, playground builds and fitness programs). We do this through business sponsorships, individual donations, and community running events. In turn, we make grants ($190,000.00 so far!) to support these initiatives.


Brooke has to have skin-in-the-game and that’s where the running comes in. To date, Brooke has run 1,624.4 marathon miles including one on every continent (Africa – 9/29/13), and is 2 marathons away from completing a marathon in each state (Maine: 10/6/13 and Iowa: 10/20/13). She’s only just begun! Phase #2 of RunningBrooke is to raise $1 Mil. for local kids and run 100 marathons.


In her spare time (of which she has very little!), Brooke always makes a point of stopping into Kiskadee to see what’s new. And she clearly finds things she loves since this outfit, head to toe, was purchased there. It’s relaxed and easy, but stylish – especially paired with the rockin’ heels and fab blue handbag!




  1. Avatar Cydney's says:

    I enjoy your interesting fashion commentaries, but how about featuring an older, more mature woman as a model? We buy clothes and makeup too!

  2. Avatar Barbara says:

    Glad Cydney left that comment. I’ve enjoyed your daily posts, but I have been thinking the same thing — there are a lot of us very mature women out there who love fashion, makeup, etc.

  3. Allison Allison says:

    Love Brooke’s outfit…way to go Kiskadee!

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