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I opened my business last October right as I accepted the position of Creative Director for Alexandria Stylebook. The first few months were rough — a lot of time-management and learning business skills (invoicing, taxes – you know, the fun stuff!). In March, I reached out to my alma mater Shepherd University in hopes of gaining a summer intern. The response was overwhelming positive and within an hour I interviewed and hired Chelsea Park-Brouse.


You may already know Chelsea as my assistant at many Stylebook and Street Style shoots.  Gladly, you’ll be seeing even more of her! The internship has gone so well that I decided to hire her full-time post-graduation. (Honestly, I had to lock her down before anyone else got to her!) She’s blown me away with her positive up-beat attitude and incredible artistic talent. Chelsea’s talent extends far past her graphic design skills: she also does henna tattoos, watercolor paintings, charcoal drawings, and more. We joke that I’m “the dreamer” and creative brains of the business and she’s “the doer” and artist extraordinaire.

To see more of Chelsea’s work, check out our site at I think you’ll agree that she’s absolutely stunning, and a brilliant designer.



Chelsea is wearing a poncho from Coco Blanca and shoes and necklace from The Shoe Hive.



How do you spend your time? A normal week during the school year is spent on campus morning to dark, Monday through Thursday, then Fridays and Saturdays I work at I Made This! Pottery Studio and Red Robin, and Sundays I go to church. Sprinkled in throughout the week I also meet with adults to tutor them in computer programs (anything from Photoshop to email) and technology devices (like iPhones). While I’m at school I focus on design classes and participate in the campus ministry (Intervarsity Christian Fellowship) as well as other activities like open mic at local businesses.
How long have you lived in Alexandria: Technically I never have but I hope to move closer after graduation to help realize Sarah Marcella Creative’s dream.
What is your hometown? Myersville, MD (fifteen minutes outside of Frederick)
What brought you to Alexandria? An internship opportunity to work for Sarah Marcella Hallee’s new small business and learn about its operation and to further develop my digital media skills.
What would surprise people about you? Despite how fervently I talk about God, I’ve only committed my life less than a year ago. Also, I have eight years of martial arts under my belt (pun intended!).
You’re a superhero: what’s your superpower? Shape shifting; it allows you to become ordinary creations with extraordinary skills (Owls fly and can see at night, fish can breathe under water, an ant can carry something like five times its own weight, or just shift into another super hero!)
Favorite cocktail: White peach margarita
Last book read or movie seen: Crazy Love by Francis Chan
Guilty Pleasure: Shopping! Especially makeup.
Phrase you overuse: “What are you thinking?”
Facebook or Instagram? Instagram posts my photos to Facebook for me!
Latest binge-watch: The Office; I just finished the ninth season and felt overly nostalgic about life.
Bucket list travel destination: The Antelope Canyon, Yosemite National Park, and India.
If you only could have one for the rest of your life: wine or coffee?  Coffee, hands down, without blinking (because I’d be wired from the caffeine).



Define your style in three words or less: Comfortable, affordable, neutral. (I prefer my actions to speak louder than my appearance while still being in style)
The go-to piece in your wardrobe: SWEATERS AND LEGGINGS
Favorite trend ever: SWEATERS AND LEGGINGS
Favorite current trend: SWEATERS AND LEGGINGS
Beauty product you can’t live without: Mascara (If it weren’t for that product no one could see my lashes)
Favorite fragrance: Non-floral scents for perfume, but the opposite with incense.
Heels or flats?  Heels that aren’t tiny enough that I look like a baby deer.



Favorite room in your home: Bedroom
Antiques, modern, or a mix? Mix leaning towards antiques
Last item bought for your home: A record stand for my room that has a metal bottom basket thing to hold my records.
Next planned purchase: Tuition -_-
Favorite way to entertain: Jam session with acoustic instruments
Clutter-free or well-lived in? Well-lived in (I abuse that)
Wallpaper: yes, totally modern or no, so dated It CAN be tasteful but easily is not. I’d avoid it in my home, I’d rather hang a tapestry.


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Owner + Photographer | Sarah Marcella Creative
I started photographing after rupturing my spleen while I was in high school. Yeah, it sounds made up, but I swear I’m telling the truth. was in marching band and happened to fall on my saxophone. This incident made it impossible for me to march for the remainder of the season. So, I did what any bored high school teenager does — started taking self portraits (at that time the word “selfie” was not invented). Turns out, I really enjoyed it! I started photographing everything and everyone. After graduation, I decided to head to Shepherd University for photography & digital imagery. My passion continued to grow as I started to photograph more conceptual themes, primarily the way women are viewed in modern media and the over editing that happens in the fashion industry. This is what has influenced and inspired my current work.

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