Street Style: Dr. Kate Moran

We often like to feature local ladies who do good in the neighborhood. Kate is an excellent example of this. She’s always doing something for others and is always happy to do it. I’m so impressed with her coat drive every year. Together, Kate and her Rainbow Rock Band collected over 70 coats for children in foster care and at-risk youth in Alexandria, VA. I just think that’s fabulous!


Dr. Kate is wearing the Rainbow Crew Sweater by Wooden Ships, $162.50; Black Leggings by Lysee, $98; and Black Bootie by Wonders, $258; all available at Kiskadee
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How do you spend your time? I spend my time rocking the rainbow with my band the Rainbow Rock Band and playing by the water with my puppy Coco.

Neighborhood: Del Ray, VA.

How long have you lived in Alexandria: I have lived in Alexandria, specifically Del Ray, my whole life (43yrs) and recently made a big move to a house on the water in Maryland! I still volunteer at all my favorite Del Ray events like the Halloween Parade and the Del Ray Tree Lighting.

What brought you to Alexandria? My mom’s sister, Nancy Dunning, had moved to Del Ray and my mom and dad followed her down here from Massachusetts. I believe when they first moved here, we all lived together for a while in a house right on Del Ray Avenue.

What would surprise people about you? I am secretly an introvert. Although I am always out there, I need time to myself to recharge.

You’re a superhero: what’s your superpower? To breath underwater. I would love to be able to dive deep into the ocean, Aquaman style!

Favorite cocktail:  This isn’t a cocktail, but I am currently obsessed with Watermelon Grape Giant Brand Seltzer. Do yourself a favor and go buy it today.

Last book read or movie seen: It’s the holidays, so it’s Hallmark Movies, all day, every day!

Guilty Pleasure: See above 😉

Phrase you overuse:  Cool dat!

Facebook or Instagram? Insta all the way.

Latest binge-watch: The Walking Dead, I feel strongly that in the face of a zombie apocalypse, I would be ready to rock some survival skills.

Bucket list travel destination: New Zealand, I would love to surf some of those beautiful waves.

If you could only have one for the rest of your life: wine or coffee? Coffee, nothing like a delicious rich cup of joe.





Define your style in three words or less: Sparkle, flash, and a total smash!

The go-to piece in your wardrobe: My Lululemon Scuba Hoodie, everyone needs to invest in one, great for all weather events, traveling, and everything in between. I am also a big Draper James fan for work clothes. They are so comfortable and well made, great staple pieces, and big bonus I can now try on before I buy at Kiskadee!

Favorite trend ever: The puffed sleeve, and I am so excited to see it making a comeback this season. Growing up, one of my favorite shows was Anne of Green Gables, so I think subliminally I took in that style.

Favorite current trend: The fanny pack is back baby (thank you Megan Brown!)

Beauty product you can’t live without: EVER skincare YOUTHFUL Collection! The eye cream alone is unreal, got rid of my under eye circles.

Favorite fragrance: Angel by Theirry Mugler.

Heels or flats? Heels all day. As my Grandma Marie says, they elongate the legs.




Favorite room in your home: My living room.

Antiques, modern, or a mix? Vintage all the way, I have outfitted my living room with a wonderful collection of pieces from Evolution Home and of course the Mt. Vernon Big Flea (this event is a can’t miss – so many amazing furniture pieces!)

Last item bought for your home: I bought an amazing framed piece by Tulusa at Art on the Avenue and a Holiday Wreath from Flora Roots & Stems – don’t worry I wait until after Thanksgiving to hang up all the holiday decorations!

Next planned purchase: I am looking for the perfect side table for right by my front door. I know the search will take time to find the right one, but that’s the joy of shopping right?

Favorite way to entertain: Full house, lots of food, lots of laughter, family and friends all around.

Clutter-free or well-lived in? Clutter-free but warmly lived in.

Wallpaper — yes, totally modern or no, so dated: An amazing accent wall (painted or wallpapered) can make a room!




Your go-to work-out: When in town CrossFit OldTown or Mind the Mat Hawt Pilates.

Most fun way to exercise: With friends, lost in the music, and working to exhaustion, always makes the workout fly by.

Group exercise or solo: Group all the way.

Fitness goal: To be healthy, happy, and live a long life!

Haven’t yet, but might be willing to try with coaching / encouragement: Orange Theory Fitness.

Proudest fitness achievement: Deadlifting over 280 pounds.




Favorite spot in Alexandria: St. Elmo’s, Pork Barrel, Stomping Ground, and my favorite lunch spot, Thai Peppers.

Last purchase in Alexandria: A couple of dog bones from the Dog Store in Del Ray, oh and of course, all the awesome clothes I wore in the photo shoot from Kiskadee.

Best coffee / happy hour / date night spot: Coffee: St Elmo’s | Happy Hour: Evening Star | Date Night spot: Vola’s Dockside Grill and High Tide Lounge.

Favorite charity: Aside from my own (the Rainbow Rock Collection), I would go with The Fund for Alexandria’s Child.

Favorite annual Alexandria event: The Del Ray Tree Lighting! I typically lead the holiday sing along, we line the Avenue with luminaries which honor my Aunt Nancy Dunning, and there are pictures with Santa!! Join in the fun Sunday, December 8th at 6pm, Pat Miller Square, corner of Mt. Vernon and Oxford Avenue.



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