Street Style: Jaime Dawson

I remember the first time I met her. It was before we even opened the studio, back in the fall of 2014. I arrived at Bon Vivant Café in Del Ray, and saw a pretty blonde in ripped jeans sitting and waiting for me. She was interviewing to teach at the new spin studio that was going to be opening in November.

I sat down and she immediately shared her excitement about the studio and how much she wanted to be a part of it. Then she pulled out a folder and began to share with me her written class playlists for all the classes she had taught in the past, and spoke about how much she missed teaching.

Passionate, genuine, effervescent, and witty – that’s Jaime Dawson. Jaime is one of those people you want to be around, and I knew that she was the perfect person to help build the community I was hoping to achieve.

Jaime is wearing an outfit from Kiskadee | Photography by Sarah Marcella Creative

Fast forward three and a half years later, Jaime is one of our best known instructors and you have to book weeks in advance to get a spot in her class. She’s our queen of rock n’ roll with a side of everything else.  She’s known for arriving up to an hour before her early morning classes — which start at 5:45am! — to practice her music and get pumped up for class. When you arrive to ride with Jaime, it’s fascinating to see how this mom of four kids can be the Energizer Bunny so early in the morning.

Not only does she teach four classes a week at Ascend, she also teaches a boot camp in her neighborhood and can be seen on morning runs throughout Del Ray and Old Town with her running buddies. She is a fitness inspiration and source of encouragement to many moms, dads, and all the other die-hard riders who wake up at the crack of dawn to feed off her positive vibes.

Last but certainly not least, I’m lucky to call Jaime a close friend. She has been a supporter and believer in the Ascend community (and me) since day one. She’s held my babies during team meetings when I didn’t have childcare. She sends me encouraging messages when I post about my mom guilt.

She’s a beautiful person inside and out. I am so grateful to have her in our Ascend Family.




How do you spend your time? I spend my time with my family. I have 4 kids, so I’m usually volunteering at one of their schools. I also teach fitness classes six days a week.

Neighborhood: Beverley Hills

How long have you lived in Alexandria: 19 years

What is your hometown? Frederick, Maryland

What brought you to Alexandria? After I graduated from college, several friends and I decided to move to Alexandria on a whim.

What would surprise people about you? I wake up most days between 4-4:30am

You’re a superhero: what’s your superpower? I can remember song lyrics

Favorite cocktail: Hendricks Lemonade (from Snackbar) or Bourbon Slush (from Front Porch)

Last book read or movie seen: Currently reading It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover

Facebook or Instagram? Both!

Latest binge-watch: Game of Thrones

Bucket list travel destination: The Maldives

If you only could have one for the rest of your life: wine or coffee? Coffee





Define your style in three words or less: Comfortable, athletic, beach-y

The go-to piece in your wardrobe: Jeans

Favorite trend ever: Wedges

Favorite current trend: Off-the-shoulder anything

Heels or flats? Flip flops! Ha!




Favorite room in your home: Front porch

Antiques, modern, or a mix: MIX

Last item bought for your home: We are currently renovating so we are buying a lot of new items!

Next planned purchase: Furniture for the new renovation

Favorite way to entertain:  I’m a Maryland girl: CRAB FEAST!

Clutter-free or well lived-in?  Well lived-in

Wallpaper — yes, totally modern or no, so dated: I love wallpaper as an accent





Your go-to work-out: Boot camp, indoor cycling, running, hiking

Most fun way to exercise:Indoor cycling

Group exercise or solo: Group!!

Fitness goal: To help others find their inner athlete

Haven’t yet, but might be willing to try with coaching / encouragement: I think I’ve tried everything!

Proudest fitness achievement: Running the GW 10-miler while pregnant and finishing a Tough Mudder




Favorite spot in Alexandria: I love the waterfront in Old Town.

Best coffee / happy hour / date night spot: Happy hour: Mason Social / date night: Evening Star

Favorite charity: Scholarship Fund of Alexandria

Favorite annual Alexandria event: THE TURKEY TROT!!



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Owner & Operator | Ascend Cycle
Combining her degree in Exercise Science with her past experience as a healthcare consultant, Kat blends her fitness expertise with her background in superb customer service ethic to create the Ascend Experience. And don’t be surprised when she knows your name – Kat’s goal is to get know her community on a personal level. She’s a mom of two energetic toddlers, but still makes time to crush a ride on the bike and just for balance, relax with a glass of wine at one of her favorite local Del Ray spots.

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