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Laura and Alyssa here popping in to share about our friend Joanna of Cline Rose Designs. Joanna established Cline Rose Designs in 2007 and has been serving clients all across the U.S. ever since. A few years ago Laura and Joanna worked together on Laura’s home renovation design, and one of the things Laura loved about working with Joanna was her ability to tailor the project to her specific design tastes. Fast forward a few years to when Alyssa and Joanna showed up to a party in Alexandria wearing the same overalls and we knew our friendship was meant to be!

Joanna has since moved her Cline Rose Designs office into our Old Town Alexandria studio, and we just love sharing a space together right in the heart of Old Town. 

In 2019 Joanna passed her NCIDQ exam officially certifying her as an interior designer, and with training in both traditional as well as modern design, she services a broad range of clients and projects. 

Now for her personal style, let’s just say Joanna has curated quite an enviable closet! She is always pulled together with a casual chic look that is consistently on point. Joanna mixes vintage with new; dressy with casual – she can pull off a skirt with sneakers better than anyone we know.


Joanna is wearing the 
Emmeline Dress by Ulla Johnson available at The Hive and Rawlins 2 in light Blue by Tretorn available at The Shoe Hive.


How do you spend your time? My work occupies a lot of my time, but in my free time I like to hang with my husband and dog or go out to eat with friends around town.

Neighborhood: Old Town.

How long have you lived in Alexandria: Five years in April.

What is your hometown? Olney, Maryland.

What brought you to Alexandria? After visiting Paris a few years ago, my husband and I decided we wanted to live in a walkable and beautiful place. We jokingly call Old Town the Paris of Virginia.

What would surprise people about you? That I’ve wanted to be an interior designer from a very young age after having a dream.

You’re a superhero: what’s your superpower? Reading minds.

Favorite cocktail: Spicy margarita or a Bloody Mary with an Old Bay rim if it’s the morning.

Last book read or movie seen: I’m re-reading Little Women after seeing the latest version of the movie. Shout out to Jos everywhere!

Guilty Pleasure: Pizza Hut pepperoni pan pizza.

Phrase you overuse: My friends tell me I say “these days” all the time.

Facebook or Instagram? Instagram.

Latest binge-watch: Love is Blind on Netflix.

Bucket list travel destination: I’d like to see the lavender fields blooming in Provence.

If you only could have one for the rest of your life: wine or coffee? Don’t make me choose!




Define your style in three words or less: Casual but put together. That’s four.

The go-to piece in your wardrobe: A white v-neck tee.

Favorite trend ever: High wasted jeans/bottoms.

Favorite current trend: Skirts with sneakers.

Beauty product you can’t live without: Wonder Worker by Shu Uemura.

Favorite fragrance: I switch between Ralph and Gap’s Dream.

Heels or flats? Flats. I’m 5’9” so high heels can make me feel too tall.




Favorite room in your home: A room we call the California Room. Previous owners added the room as an artist’s studio but we use it as a Family Room. It’s big and bright.

Antiques, modern, or a mix? Definitely a mix. I love clean lines but some of my favorite pieces are vintage or from my grandparent’s house.

Last item bought for your home: Anthropologie’s Rhys chair in leather.

Next planned purchase: Our house needs new windows so no fun purchases until that’s done.

Favorite way to entertain: Hosting friends at our house for casual get togethers. I love coming up with menu options and styling the table.

Clutter-free or well-lived in? A little bit of both. I don’t believe in unnecessary stuff, but I like to surround myself with personal, sentimental, and functional things.

Wallpaper — yes, totally modern or no, so dated: Absolutely yes. I use it in client projects all the time.




Your go-to work-out: Yin Yoga at Vikraya Lab.

Most fun way to exercise: Workouts that strengthen my mental game too.

Group exercise or solo: Solo.

Fitness goal: I want to feel stronger this year.

Haven’t yet, but might be willing to try with coaching / encouragement: A long distance race like a half marathon. But just a half. A full marathon is way too much!

Proudest fitness achievement: Getting back into running last year.




Favorite spot in Alexandria: Any place with outdoor seating that allows dogs.

Last purchase in Alexandria: M-61 products from Blue Mercury that I use for my nightly routine.

Best coffee / happy hour / date night spot: The best coffee is from Misha’s. Best lunch spot is Fontaine. Best happy hour is Southside 815. My husband and I go to Jack’s Place almost every weekend for breakfast and we frequent Augie’s, Brut, and El Paso on Rt 1 for dinner.

Favorite charity: I’m trying to donate blood to the Red Cross every other month this year.

Favorite annual Alexandria event: Halloween! We live close to Lee Street so we get a ton of trick-or-treaters.


  • The latest from Laura & Alyssa
With more than 20 years of calligraphy experience, Laura Hooper, Owner and Creative Director, has produced scripts for hundreds of weddings, corporate clients, and even a celeb or two (yes, stars: they love calligraphy just like us!), handcrafting everything from addressed envelopes to custom signage, all from our Old Town Alexandria studio. At the holidays, we offer custom, handwritten décor items. Laura has trained under three amazing master penman to date; Michael Sull, Vivian Mungall, and Harvest Crittenden, and she is a certified instructor of American Cursive Handwriting. She resides in Mount Vernon, Alexandria. Alyssa, Laura’s sister, joined the company as Director of Operations in 2014, allowing the family business to go around the world with online video courses and in-person workshops. Alyssa runs the day-to-day logistics of Laura Hooper Calligraphy, allowing Laura to focus on the art. She resides in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria.

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In addition to teaching and sharing calligraphy with students around the world, sisters Laura Hooper & Alyssa Law also serve wedding clients with custom stationery design and production as well as handwritten calligraphy services for envelopes, escort cards, place cards and more.


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