Street Style: Katherine Edwards

I’m sure you have seen the stunning Katherine Edwards at Kiskadee! She has been a wonderful addition to our team and is beloved by many of our customers.  This wife and mother of two teenage boys is constantly on the run!  If she is not kickboxing, carpooling, or working at Kiskadee, she is running her own Arbonne skin care business where she enjoys sharing the benefits of this all natural line.  Her simple style effuses an organic elegance framed by that oh-so-beautiful red hair!  We at Kiskadee are so lucky to have her!

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Katherine is wearing a globally inspired dress by Toulani.


How do you spend your time? Taking care of my Arbonne customers, my family, exercising and working at Kiskadee!!
How long have you lived in Alexandria: I have lived here since 1987!
What is your hometown?  Grew up in a military family moving every few years.  Before Alexandria, Colorado was home….
What brought you to Alexandria? Politics career.
What would surprise people about you? I’m shy.
You’re a superhero: what’s your superpower? I can read people’s minds.
Favorite cocktail: Dirty martini with extra olives
Last book read or movie seen: The Red Tent and “Me Before You”
Guilty Pleasure: A full-body massage
Phrase you overuse: Make it a great day!
Facebook or Instagram?  Facebook
Latest binge-watch: Nashville
Bucket list travel destination: South Africa and Australia
If you only could have one for the rest of your life: wine or coffee? Wine, of course. ☺

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Define your style in three words or less: Simple, elegant
The go-to piece in your wardrobe: My Paige jeans
Favorite trend ever: Whatever Kiskadee has to offer….
Favorite current trend: That suede is not just for fall.
Beauty product you can’t live without: Arbonne’s anti-aging skin care line and make-up!
Favorite fragrance: Arbonne In Bloom (it is toxin free)!!
Heels or flats? Both

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Favorite room in your home: Kitchen
Antiques, modern, or a mix? Eclectic
Last item bought for your home: Zebra painting for family room
Favorite way to entertain: Casually
Clutter-free or well-lived in? Somewhere in between….I do have two boys and three animals. ☺

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Your go-to work-out: Kickboxing, yoga with Olivia, and free weights.
Most fun way to exercise: With a friend.
Group exercise or solo: I like both.
Fitness goal: To stay healthy and active!
Proudest fitness achievement: Being able to do a pull up on my own.


Favorite spot in Alexandria: My home.
Last purchase in Alexandria: The dress and shoes I wore for this photo shoot. ☺
Best coffee / happy hour / date night spot: So many fabulous places to choose from!
Favorite charity: Outreach Ministries at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church – it’s a very special place and they do so much for our community.
Favorite annual Alexandria event: Alexandria’s birthday celebration!  I LOVE fireworks and music – what a fantastic combo!

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