Street Style: Madeline Patierno

Madeline is like an onion; she has layers. (I feel like I stole that from somewhere…)

When you first meet her, she comes across as reserved. Perhaps even a bit shy. But as you get to know her, you are stunned by her wit and fall in love with her quiet self-confidence. Never showy, she is smart, creative and quirky, and has a natural instinct when it comes to style. With distinct features and a gorgeous head of hair (the envy of The Shoe Hive staff), she looks flawless in styles ranging from a vintage leopard coat to a fitted mini dress and oxford flats. The newest addition to The Shoe Hive team, we are lucky to have her.

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Madeline is a student at Northern Virginia Community College, and will be applying to Marymount’s fashion merchandising program in the fall. When she isn’t in class, studying, or working at our store, she is helping her family at their restaurant, Girasole, which boasts an authentic, regional Italian menu. I paid her a visit there several months ago (it’s a little bit of a drive), and I raved so much about the house-made bread Madeline gave me some for Christmas. Everything was delicious! Come to think of it, it’s time I go back. Who wants to join me?

True to her Italian heritage, Madeline loves spending time with her family and the friends she considers family. True to her Alexandrian upbringing, her family also includes her dog; I’ve never seen her happier than when her family pup pays her a visit at the store! I take that back — she may have been just as happy when her mom dropped off leftovers from the restaurant the day she forgot her lunch!

We asked Madeline to style herself for this feature so our customers and Stylebook readers could get to know her a little better. Next time you’re at The Shoe Hive, introduce yourself and I’m certain she will take great care of you!

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How do you spend your time? I keep myself busy with work and school, but when I have down time I’m usually hanging out with my friends, family, or dog.
Neighborhood: Mount Vernon neighborhood area
How long have you lived in Alexandria: 23 years and counting! (my whole life)
What is your hometown? Alexandria
What brought you to Alexandria? My parents moved here to work and eventually to open a restaurant and we have been here ever since.
What would surprise people about you? I have a huge close knit, loud mouthed family.
You’re a superhero: what’s your superpower? To heal others of emotional or physical pain.
Favorite cocktail: This time of year, I really enjoy a proseco cocktail.
Last book read or movie seen: The Devil Wears Prada
Guilty Pleasure: Dark Chocolate
Phrase you overuse: “I can’t”
Facebook or Instagram? Hmmm…facebook, I’m so old school!
Latest binge-watch: I don’t watch much TV. If I had to choose, probably something on HGTV.
Bucket list travel destination: Indonesia, I had a babysitter who moved back there when I was little. I’ve wanted to visit ever since.
If you only could have one for the rest of your life: wine or coffee? I’d have to say wine. There is always tea instead of coffee!

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Define your style in three words or less: A mix of classy and classic, with a hint of boho. Was that more than three words?
The go-to piece in your wardrobe: Currently, my white oversized button down sundry top.
Favorite trend ever: Suede…all year around
Favorite current trend: Slip on sneakers
Beauty product you can’t live without: Dermalogica Sheer Tint
Favorite fragrance: Dior Hypnotic Poison
Heels or flats? I’m definitely more of a flats kind of girl, sorry heels!

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Favorite room in your home: My bedroom and of course, the kitchen
Antiques, modern, or a mix? Definitely a mix
Last item bought for your home: Candles
Next planned purchase: A piece of art work from my uncle!
Clutter-free or well-lived in? Well-lived in with a bit of clutter, no one is perfect.
Wallpaper: yes, totally modern or no, so dated? I like wallpaper if it is done right. Not particularly my style though.

Your go-to work-out: A nice run, helps to clear the mind!
Most fun way to exercise: With music, always!
Group exercise or solo: As I get older, I’ve learned I prefer group exercise.
Fitness goal: Definitely to get back into a swimming routine, it’s been yeaaars.
Haven’t yet, but might be willing to try with coaching / encouragement: Pilates

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Favorite spot in Alexandria: The Shoe Hive
Last purchase in Alexandria: More like last three purchases…I bought a new s’well bottle, some Melissa jellies, and a pair of AGL sandals from The Shoe Hive.
Best coffee / happy hour / date night spot: Blackwall Hitch
Favorite charity: SPCA

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