Street Style: Maria Elizabeth

Eight years ago I needed a change…so I started with my hair! I gave myself over to Maria and a terrific friendship started.  I am so impressed with her entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to her craft…she started Salon deZEN in her 20’s!  Her eclectic style is so refreshing.  She pops a bright red lipstick and sports multi-hued hair. She is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get!  You definitely can’t tell she grew up home schooled on a farm in Michigan!

She is a hard worker and the best listener.  She was a terrific sounding board and gave great advice as I contemplated purchasing Kiskadee…I am forever grateful!  She is unbelievably busy but doesn’t let that get in the way of her local community involvement at a Space of her Own, or working on her art, or chatting with her girlfriends!  Whew!  I’m tired just thinking of all she does! To use one of Maria’s favorite words…she is the awesomeness!



How do you spend your time? During the day I like to hang at my shop socializing with our guests. In the evenings I can be found working on my art or having long confession sessions with my girlfriends.

Neighborhood: I live in Del Ray (or, as the cool kids call it, Del Rizzle)

How long have you lived in Alexandria: On and off for the last 14 years

What is your hometown? Grew up close to a small town in Michigan called Greenville. I think it had a total of three stoplights when I was a kid.

What brought you to Alexandria? I visited this area when I was 17 and fell in love with its charm and sophistication. I made a promise to myself that I would live here when I grew up and when I was 20 I fulfilled that promise.

What would surprise people about you?  Probably that I was home schooled in a strict, Catholic household. We had a pig farm and huge garden so my life was all about cleaning out the pig pens, weeding, bailing hay…basically the opposite of glamorous.

You’re a superhero: what’s your superpower?  Listening. Getting people to open up and share their life stories with me.

Favorite cocktail:  At the moment it’s a Moscow Mule.

Last book read or movie seen:  Just finished The Social Organism by Oliver Luckett

Guilty pleasure: Chilling in bed with my cat Henry, eating brie and crackers from Cheesetique.

Phrase you overuse: That’s SO pretty! Or, awesomeness!

Facebook or Instagram? ….Snapchat

Latest binge-watch: “The Affair”

Bucket list travel destination: Iceland. Everyone is going and I must see the Northern Lights!

If you only could have one for the rest of your life: wine or coffee?  I hope to never live in a world where I have to make that choice.




Define your style in three words or less: I think my style can be summed up in two words…Playful Glam.

The go-to piece in your wardrobe: Pencil skirt. You can always dress it up or down and feel pulled together.

Favorite trend ever: Big sunglasses! I always feel like a celebrity when I have on killer shades.

Favorite current trend: All the sequins and embellishments!

Beauty product you can’t live without: Bright red lipstick

Heels or flats? Totally depends on my mood. I am tall already and when I wear heels I tower over most people so most of the time it’s some sort of flat or platforms.



Favorite room in your home: My screened-in back porch. I love the fresh air and the casual feel of hanging out on a porch.

Antiques, modern, or a mix? Mix of everything. I have really eclectic taste so you will find all kinds of strange things mixed together in my home.

Last item bought for your home: Moroccan lanterns for my backyard. I love the enchanted feeling I get when they are lit at night.

Next planned purchase: Some sort of thick rug for my living room.

Favorite way to entertain: I like to keep it casual. Hanging out on my backyard drinking wine and sharing stories.

Clutter-free or well-lived in? Clutter-free but not sterile.

Wallpaper: Yes, totally modern or no, so dated: I like the wallpaper trend. Gives a different feeling to a room.



Your go-to work-out: I train at the YMCA in Del Ray with Larry Hutchinson. He makes the workouts hard but fun and he always has the best dating advice.

Most fun way to exercise: Going for a hike with a friend. Gets me out in nature which is really calming and there is just something about walking and talking!

Group exercise or solo: I like both. Variety keeps me coming back for more.

Fitness goal: Staying strong

Haven’t yet, but might be willing to try with coaching / encouragement: I just took a hot Pilates class for the first time at Mind the Mat and that took a lot of encouragement/coaching.

Proudest fitness achievement: Every time I see my trainer Larry I feel like I have accomplished a lot.



Favorite spot in Alexandria: I like to stroll the streets and people watch. You can also find me at Fontaine’s eating crepes.

Last purchase in Alexandria: A pretty silk dress from Kiskadee, which I feel like a goddess in.

Favorite charity: I have two favorites! Space of Her Own which is a local charity here in Alexandria dedicated to empowering young girls through self expression. And Living Vicky is dedicated to development and growth of millennial women entrepreneurs.

Favorite annual Alexandria event: I love the Halloween Parade in Del Ray. Seeing all the cute dogs dressed up makes me happy.


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Looking for a killer cocktail number for the latest party? Shoes for running around town? Eye-catching separates for lunch at Cheesetique? Kiskadee has you covered. A favorite destination in the heart of Del Ray, shopping this boutique is akin to browsing your friend's lust-worthy closet. Kiskadee is fun, flirty and full of original designers,a ll presented to you with a focus on personal service. You will always be welcomed by a friendly face, eager to assist!

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