Street Style: Meaghan Foran

It is hard for me to talk about Meaghan without first talking about her sweet husband, Tim. I met Tim when he became co-owner of Lawrence Miller many years ago when The Shoe Hive was on Royal Street and he was my neighbor.

To say that the arrival of Tim caused a stir would be a mild understatement. Women would come in after being at his store and gush about how handsome he was. I then started to call him “The Old Town Heartthrob.” He was as sweet as he was handsome and you had to wonder how could anyone ever match up to this adorable guy.

A few years down the road I was introduced to Meaghan, and immediately knew he had met his match.

As you can see in the photos, Meaghan is strikingly beautiful. Walking up to them together is like stepping into a three-dimensional Ralph Lauren glossy magazine ad. But beyond good looks they both have a genuine kindness and gentle ease about them.

Of all the people I have ever met, Meaghan has that Parisian “je ne sais quoi” that we all try to emulate. The problem is it can’t be emulated; you either have it or you don’t. Once again as you see in the photos, she has it.

So fast forward, Tim and Meaghan are married and have a beautiful baby (obviously) and now they have become business partners. Meaghan was always involved in the business but now her presence will be even greater. Since she became involved, she upgraded the space and brought a notch of elegance to the surroundings.

Her style represents to me what Alexandria & Co is all about. They create timeless, beautiful pieces that just have a calm confidence about them. Just like Meaghan.

Meaghan is wearing clothing and shoes from The Hive and The Shoe Hive | Jewelry by Alexandria and Company and &Co. | Makeup by Bellacara | Photography by Sarah Marcella Creative





How do you spend your time? Building my husband’s and my small business and chasing my toddler around Old Town. Sleep, rinse, repeat. Throw in a hike when I’m lucky.

Neighborhood: Old Town

How long have you lived in Alexandria: Going on eight years! This is the longest I have lived anywhere, aside from my childhood home.

What is your hometown? Danville, Illinois, by way of Medford, New Jersey. I consider myself a Midwesterner at heart but my elitist view of Italian food and fast-walking skills are definitely from the latter part of my life.

What brought you to Alexandria? My best friend and I initially moved to Arlington when we came to the D.C. area after college and we lived off of Columbia Pike, which was cheap but not exactly fun. We were planning to move to D.C. but browsed some places in Old Town upon recommendation from this guy I was dating at the time (nothing serious, he just became my husband). The perfect little townhouse popped up and we decided to move here instead of across the river, and here I am eight years later.

What would surprise people about you? Most of our friends and family forget that Tim, my son, and I are all pescetarians. Tim hasn’t had meat in more than ten years; I haven’t had meat in close to eight, Nolan has never had it!

You’re a superhero: what’s your superpower? Successfully ghosting out of any social situation I want, without giving the impression of being rude.

Favorite cocktail: A good gin & tonic with some kind of savory shrub.
Last book read or movie seen: Book: Collected Stories by Gabriel Garcia Marquez (perfect length for pre-bed reading); Movie: Get Out (so, so good)

Guilty Pleasure: Oyster and mac n’ cheese lunch dates with my son at Hank’s

Phrase you overuse: “Bu, your hair is everywhere.” (Bu is my 10-year-old yellow lab)

Facebook or Instagram? Instagram. I don’t even have Facebook anymore!

Latest binge-watch: The Deuce

Bucket list travel destination: There are so many. This is actually how I spend my time, I sit around and fantasize where I want to travel next, I look up hotels, flights, AirBnBs…just yesterday I looked up flights to Kigali, Rwanda and seriously contemplated a four-day solo trip to visit a friend… still contemplating…

Otherwise, in order of where we’re (hopefully) going next:
1) Cayman Islands with my family for serious resting and relaxation
2) Japan
3) Kerala, India for backwater houseboating
4) Marrakesh, Morocco
5) Portugal in a van
6) Iceland for camping during the summer
7) Italy for a luxurious extended stay in a villa (one can dream)

If you only could have one for the rest of your life: wine or coffee? This is a really mean question. I guess coffee and I would learn to make some really good savory cocktails.





Define your style in three words or less: Textural, leather, classic

The go-to piece in your wardrobe: Faded, black, quilted high-rise skinny jeans with zippers on the ankles

Favorite trend ever: High-rise pants

Favorite current trend: High-rise pants

Beauty product you can’t live without: Rilastil “Aqua” face moisturizer from Bellacara – I use this religiously and my formerly perpetually dry skin has remained soft all winter.

Favorite fragrance: Fresh air

Heels or flats? On a daily basis, definitely flats (sturdy boots, in fact) since our shop is a workshop and it’s messy in there. Anytime I can wear heels though, I take the opportunity.




Favorite room in your home: My son’s bedroom, which used to be my bedroom before he stole it from me.

Antiques, modern, or a mix? A mix. My personal style is definitely more modern but we have beautiful pieces from our families that we have kept in our small home and they definitely keep things from getting too stale.




Your go-to work-out: Barre3! I feel like I’m drinking the Kool-Aid of excited motivational exercise every time I go – it is totally the opposite of my personality in so many ways – but I dig it.

Most fun way to exercise: Swimming, hiking, anything outside.





Favorite spot in Alexandria: No favorite spot per se, but walking around the neighborhood in the late spring at night when all the flowering trees are in bloom is the reminder of why I live here.

Last purchase in Alexandria: Christophe Robin Prickly Pear Shampoo from Bellacara – two thumbs up for that

Best coffee / happy hour / date night spot: Captain Gregory’s

Favorite charity: AWLA and The Carpenter’s Shelter



  • The latest from Elizabeth
I spent the first part of my career as a copy-writer who helped elected officials brag about their support for entrepreneurs. Then I decided to get off the printed page and do it myself. The Shoe Hive made a splash on the fashion scene in Washington, and was named the region’s best shoe store in its first year. Fourteen years later, I have tripled the store’s size and also opened a sister store, The Hive. At The Hive, we offer clothing lines that are sophisticated and approachable like Rag & Bone, Tibi, Raquel Allegra, Ulla Johnson and Veronica Beard. We have tried to fill our racks with clothing you will want to wear all the time, elevated basics that are worth the investment.

Heard the buzz? The Shoe Hive & The Hive are a pair of luxury boutiques in Old Town Alexandria. Featuring both big name designers like Rag & Bone and Stuart Weitzman and smaller brands like AGL and L'Agence, our unique selection and impeccable service are what set us apart.

The Shoe Hive                         The Hive
127 S. Fairfax Street               301 Cameron Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
              Alexandria, VA 22314

703.548.7105                          703.548.7110

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