Street Style: Megan and Katie of Mint Collective

Who opens a new store in the middle of a pandemic? Katie and Megan do! When the stars align and the universe gives you an opportunity – you have to go for it! They’re calling their new space located at 101 A St. Asaph St. (right next door to Mint Condition) Mint Collective, and it’s a collection of all the things these sisters love.

Keep reading to learn all about Megan, Katie, and Mint Collective…


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How long have you lived in Alexandria?

Megan: 20 years! Almost longer than my precious hometown of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

Katie: I have lived in Alexandria for four years now.

Favorite item of clothing in your closet?

Megan: I would say one of my Ulla Johnson, MISA, or Tanya Taylor dresses. However, during COVID, it’s more like my Clare V animal print hoodie or cozy Sundry maxi – both from The Hive.

Katie: It’s constantly changing! I just finished being pregnant for what felt like five years, so I’m just starting to get my closet back. Right now, I love all our new slip dresses from Charlie Holiday that you can find at Mint Collective. Easy, breezy, and comfortable!

Biggest inspiration?

Megan: My family! I get inspired showing my kids what hard work looks like and how it can pay off. Work hard play harder, right?! I can tell they already have the entrepreneurial spirit in them.

Katie: Definitely my kids. I know it sounds cheesy, but when I wake up to their little faces I think, I’m going to give you everything I can! Mama’s success is all for the kids.

Dogs or cats?

Megan: Dogs! Although you won’t see my crazy doodle pup, Evie, in any of my stores any time soon.

Katie: Dogs! Have you met our shop dog, Romeo? Of course you have. He’s been around the Old Town block (thank you, Elizabeth for loving him as much as I do).






What inspired you to start Mint Collective?

Megan: Katie and I love to shop together. We went to Duck, North Carolina this spring and discovered some fun new lines that are both high quality and reasonably priced. The space next to Mint Condition became available around the same time…and the rest is history!

Katie: Meg and I were inspired when we started shopping together. Just like that, we loved recommending different pieces for each other and the ideas just started flowing! We challenge each other to try new things and when you like who you work with, it just pans out.

What are three of your favorite items currently at your shop?

Megan: Besides the amazing clothing lines, I love the custom masks from Tulsa and D’maran, the mask chains from 52 Thursdays, and original abstract art from local artist, and my mom, Cindy Wallace. We have a local section for all of our favorite local artists and designers!

Katie: My favorite items would have to be the new perfume line we are carrying, Elia Parfum, dresses from Charlie Holiday, and original artwork by local artist Cindy Wallace. (Bonus, she’s my MIL!) She made customized artwork just for our store and it’s fantastic.

Favorite “buy” of all time?

Megan: My Vintage Chanel bag from Mint Condition! I was obsessed way before we bought the store, always watching Instagram for designer bags. The Chanel was a must!

Katie: Well, that’s easy – it’s this one for Mint Collective! We are so excited to bring you some of our favorite things!






How can the community support you and your employees during this time?

Megan: Shop local and consign local. There are many options for both shopping and consigning online however, the experience isn’t the same as shopping and consigning with a small business.

Katie: The community has been amazing during this challenging time! It’s really shown me the kind of community we have here in Old Town is just unparalleled. People continued to shop with us online and we made it through. Thank you for your support!

A favorite new hobby?

Megan: Buying for our new retail store, Mint Collective! It is relaxing and very therapeutic to peruse the Faire app and discover new lines.

Katie: Hobby? What’s a hobby? Oh, I used to have hobbies…two kids and two stores will do that to you.

Top must-read books?

Megan: I don’t get much time to read right now with three boys and three stores, but my favorite in recent history is Where the Crawdad’s Sing.

Katie: Books…I used to read those too.

Binge-worthy suggestion(s)?

Megan: Outer Banks on Netflix. It is a bit cheesy, but we love it! #poguelife

Katie: Okay, now this I can answer – my hubby and I make it a point to watch something together. We are currently binging Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix.

What local business have you supported this week?

Megan: The Shoe Hive, She’s Unique, and of course, Mint Condition – because who doesn’t need a NWT garnet ring?!? Lol.

Katie: This was a good week for local love – I was in Red Barn Mercantile, Monday’s Child, 529 Kids Consign, Pink & Brown, Salon Meraki, Salon deZEN, Sarah Akram, and of course Misha’s. Oh, and I am always shopping at Mint Condition…does that count?

Favorite carry-out restaurant?

Megan: Sushi! At work, I order from Momo, at home, Samurai.

Katie: Easy. Momo’s sushi. Simply the best!

Favorite family pastime?

Megan: Eating – I have three growing boys and we love nothing more than a good meal together. Lately, we have been enjoying the terrace at MVCC.

Katie: Dancing!! We are always dancing. It’s so good for the soul.

Go-to at-home workout?

Megan: I work out in the morning with my husband and our trainer Emily. I love a good plank challenge with him. I get super competitive – shocking, I know!

Katie: My workouts these days are few and far between, but I do get a good stroller workout in every day. Ready for my workout classes to begin again!





To learn more about Megan, Katie, and their stores check out their website at
and follow Mint Collective on Instagram at @shopmintcollective.


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