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Ruth Barzel divides her time between creating pieces for her jewelry line, Ruth Barzel Jewelry Design (sold at Kiskadee) and working as a writer/editor at Georgetown University. Juggling a day job, a small business, and a family doesn’t leave much room for leisure activities. When Ruth does find time for herself, she can usually be found reading a novel, watching a movie, going for a long walk, or (especially) shopping. “I’m a bit of a shopping addict,” she admits.

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“My mother is an artist, and I’ve always been creative, but I also love adornment–especially accessories,” Ruth says. I think that’s what attracted me to designing jewelry.” It’s a way to mix art and fashion. And I’m energized by the challenge of making a business work.

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(I know this one is fuzzy but I just thought she looked so lovely I had to include it!)

Ruth’s style is casual, but she likes to look put together. She favors simple, understated outfits that allow her own jewelry and other accessories to stand out. Although Ruth lives in Arlington, she often shops in Old Town and Del Ray in Alexandria. “I adore the small boutiques and personalized service you can find there,” she says, “as well as the neighborhood feel and all the great restaurants and cafes. It’s where I go whenever I want something unique or need advice about what to wear for a special event. The salespeople at stores like The Shoe Hive, Zoe Boutique, and Kiskadee always have time for me, and I trust them to give an honest opinion.”

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We could go on for pages about Ruth Barzel. But let’s just say that in addition to an innate sense of style, class and a little edge, she is hands down the kindest person we know.

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Ruth is wearing Paige Denim waxed black skinnies from Kiskadee, a Vince Camuto bag from The Shoe Hive, a Charlene K ring from Kiskadee and a necklace and bracelet of her own design (both of which are available at Kiskadee). Oh, and a quick shout out to Lawrence Miller and Co. for the design of her diamond ring–and anniversary present from her husband!

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  1. Avatar Ruth Barzel says:

    Love it! Thank you.

  2. I can personally vouch for Ruth’s amazing style and elegance. Her jewelry is beautiful and like her and effortlessly chic. Now I’d like to know more about those waxed black skinnies please…. 🙂

  3. Avatar chelsea says:

    I love my Ruth Barzel pieces and as an aspiring writer, I love HER even more now that I know she’s a writer too! And I’m going to have to see if the Shoe Hive still has that bag because I came to the conclusion today that with my new schedule, I need a larger vessel than what I’ve been carrying…

  4. Avatar Anna M Lewis says:

    Fabulous post! My Ruth Barzel pieces are my favorites. I wear them when I need a touch of good luck…i.e. my author photo. Ruth is truly my super coolest friend!

  5. Avatar Ruth Barzel says:

    Maria, The Paige Denim waxed skinnies are the most amazing jeans I have ever owned. And that’s all I have to say about them. Chelsea, I love finding fellow writers who are also admirers of great handbags. I don’t think Shoe Hive has any more of this Vince Camuto one, but you should check out their current selection. This bag is definitely one of my best handbag purchases ever. I think it’s the first time I’ve made it through a whole season and bought only ONE bag! Shoe Hive always has great choices.

  6. Avatar Ruth Barzel says:

    Anna, Thanks so much! It’s an honor to be your coolest friend! 🙂

  7. Avatar Ali says:

    What a great profile on a lovely and stylish woman! Better watch out Ruth or I may steal that bag from you! 🙂

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