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In our hectic “DC/Adrenal Fatigue/go-go” lives, we all know that one person who can just take the edge off our day. He or she, merely with their presence, can take you from a “hanging from the chandelier” crazy day to a sense of calm in minutes. For me, this person is Shiloh Roehl.

I met Shiloh when she came to Fitness on the Run more than eight years ago. Before kids. Before both of our lives took a turn on the mommy train. Before we both felt the pull to work outside the home along with the desire of motherhood. We both know the pain of loss of a family member and can share its daily heartache even without saying a word.

She took a short break from FOR, then returned. Shiloh has been a loyal and fit presence ever since 2009.

Shiloh approaches her fitness program with athleticism and a smile. While she takes her workouts and tennis game very seriously, as evidenced by her super fit physique, those around her still feel like she is the nicest person in the game or class. Her authentic personality is magnified in her workouts. She listens to complex cues, will adjust her movements to reach perfection, and keeps the Shiloh smile throughout.

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Style comes naturally to Shiloh. I’ve seen her in jeans, a maxi, and of course cute tennis and workout tops. While it looks effortless, everything looks good on Shiloh. She is simply stunning beyond conventional norms.

Because I am far-from-alone in my praise of and admiration for Shiloh, I solicited three of her “besties” from Fitness on the Run (FOR) ranks to share what they love the most about Shiloh and to describe her sense of style. Each tried to keep it short. It was tough. There’s so much to say.

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“Shiloh is so thoughtful and kind.  Her thoughtfulness carries over into all aspects of her life.”

“Her caring and generous spirit is unlike any I’ve known. Shiloh remembers both significant and insignificant times in my life with a note or small token.”

“She is always interested in how others are doing and offers great ideas on how to handle life’s hurdles.  Shiloh has an incredibly positive and happy attitude towards life which makes her so much fun to be around.”

“She is also fashion forward but not in an overwhelming way.  You might notice it in her earrings, shoes, etc, but it brings it all together in the ‘Shiloh way.’”

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How do you spend your time? On a typical day in my car driving up and down King, Braddock, Russell, and every short cut I have discovered, waving to friends doing the same, listening to music that my kids have somehow convinced me to let them DJ, reliably three minutes late, all while sipping on cold coffee and realizing I have forgotten my grocery list yet again.

Neighborhood: Near T.C. Williams off one of the most favored cut-through streets west of Old Town; we get honked at and waved to by friends just about every day!

How long have you lived in Alexandria: 8 years, 15 in D.C.

What is your hometown? Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The clichés are all spot on. I’m a Packer fan who can’t live without cheese and loves a good snowstorm. Jonas rivaled some of the best snow I remember growing up.

What brought you to Alexandria? Typical D.C. arrival story: after graduating college from the Univ. of Wisconsin with a degree in Political Science, I moved out to D.C. to work in politics and landed in the office of Wisconsin Congressman Mark Green. I had grand plans to apply to law school, yet finally accepted I had a love for the Hill. I met my husband in the office and went on to spend the next six years working for Ohio Congresswoman Deborah Pryce where I had all sorts of neat opportunities, from traveling with Save the Children to Indonesia after the devastating tsunami, to helping craft laws to combat sex trafficking, to meeting fashion goddess DVF about a bill to fight counterfeit luxury bags (I served her Budweiser in a can at 2 in the afternoon!). I headed over to the Administration for a year before my son was born, and then pried my Blackberry from my hands to exchange a life of 100 percent work to a life of 100 percent mom. Fast forward to now, I get to hang out with these two cool kids, 7 and 4, in a great town with great friends I’ve met along the way.


You’re a superhero: what’s your superpower? A magic potion that will make my children sleep all night. My four year old is a bat!

Favorite cocktail: At the moment it’s the Nor’Easter — bourbon, lime juice, maple syrup and ginger beer with a king size ice cube.

Last book read or movie seen: What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty

Guilty Pleasure: Us Weekly

Phrase you overuse: “Seriously.” My kids say it all the time, but they add “mom” to the end of it.

Facebook or Instagram? Insta!

Latest binge-watch: Homeland

Bucket list travel destination: Thailand

If you only could have one for the rest of your life: wine or coffee? I will miss my cafe au laits, but wine wins!


Favorite room in your home: My dining room turned sitting room. It is bright and cheerful filled with palm print pillows, an oversized piece of art in pink and green, yellow and white floral wallpaper, pink, aqua and green pagoda curtains, and Lucite and gold coffee tables. Best of all it’s only for grown-ups!

Antiques, modern, or a mix? Modern, save for a few treasures of my mom’s.

Last item bought for your home: John Robshaw + Kerry Cassill bedding for my guest room from a favorite shop, Pearl Butik, on our last trip to Maui. It’s colorful and eclectic in blue and white block print, I dream of hiding away in there and taking a siesta.

Next planned purchase: A painting by abstract artist Sally King Benedict. My lovely sister, who has a savvy eye for art and design got me hooked — I keep trying to buy a piece during her flash sales, but I’m not yet quick enough! In the meantime I covet my Domino Magazine that features her stunning Atlanta home.

Favorite way to entertain: In our backyard with friends sitting by the fire pit — plenty of wine, a cheese board from Cheesetique, my husband grilling on the Big Green Egg and the children playing sweetly in the yard (ha!).

Clutter-free or well-lived in? I wish I could say clutter-free (I am working on it), but the truth is my home will likely always be well-lived in. I have too many pictures not to frame, too many flower vases not to fill, and since like most of us in Alexandria I am without a mudroom, two little munchkins who leave their stuff everywhere!

Wallpaper: yes, totally modern or no, so dated. Can you hear me singing from the top of my lungs, wallpaper! I have five rooms and am pining for more. I just love wallpaper and there are so many options now, including removal versions that look like the real thing (like Chasing Paper). I just papered my office space in a Rifle Paper pineapple print that I love. And, am pining over Cole & Sons palm jungle paper — I desperately want it up on the wall in my kids’ playroom.


Favorite spot in Alexandria: With my kids it’s River Farm but to escape my kids it’s a favorite friend’s cozy + chic third floor attic turned grown up space. It’s like I’ve flown to a fabulous hotel far away with a best friend, bourbon, and bad TV.

Last purchase in Alexandria: A S’well bottle (my favorite gift to give) for my husband and a pair of mini Melissas (my favorite shoes for little girls) for my daughter at The Shoe Hive.

Best coffee / happy hour / date night spot: Brabo bar for a nightcap with friends

Favorite charity: Active Minds, a local organization that works to combat the stigma of mental illness on college campuses.

Your go-to work-out: Awesome sessions at Fitness on the Run (I’ve been a client for more than eight years and it has impacted my life in such a positive way), dragging myself out of bed for early morning runs with my neighbors, team tennis to channel my competitive spirit, and Vinyasa yoga at Mind the Mat for the gifts of patience and gratitude.

Most fun way to exercise: With friends at a tough Saturday morning Fitness on the Run group session, followed by a mimosa brunch at Jackson 20.

Haven’t yet, but might be willing to try with coaching / encouragement: Competing in a triathlon (if I could just learn to swim). My 71-year-old dad has competed in triathlons for fifty years; he still has all the old t-shirts in his closet to prove it.

Proudest fitness achievement: Walking 18 miles through the night with my dad, sister, and brother as part of the Out of Darkness Overnight Walk to raise awareness about mental illness in honor of my mom. We walked from sunset to sunrise all across D.C., making connections with people who have lost loved ones to mental illness, or whose loved ones or themselves are struggling. The physical challenge was significant, yet the emotional impact extraordinary.


Define your style in three words or less: Let’s go with what style I’d dream about while napping in my guest bed: boho beach chic.

The go-to piece in your wardrobe: My favorite AG jeans. I think I wear them every day when I’m not trapped in the current trend below.

Favorite trend ever: Rolled, then twisted, then pinned jeans in the late 80s/early 90s while I was in middle school. That was epic.

Favorite current trend: Athleisure (I can’t say this word without laughing and I’m trying to do less of it, but it still describes me far too much of the time).

Favorite fragrance: Frangipani, also known as Plumeria. It reminds me of my mom and in Hawaii it’s like Virginia’s version of the Azalea — they’re literally everywhere. I was thrilled to track one down at Green Street Gardens last year, and it blooms the most beautiful scented flowers in summer.

Beauty product you can’t live without: My under eye concealer from Bellacara.

Heels or flats? I love heels, but flats are where it’s at for me most days.

Shiloh’s outfit and accessories can be found at The Shoe Hive.

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