Stuck? Try these 3 Simple Solutions To Embrace the New Year

What does 2017 have in store? After all the antics of 2016, I am sure we could all use a bit of a break. Although we may wish for it, it is unlikely to occur. So instead of feeling defeated try a more empowered approach. A good friend of mine always reminds me that it is best to stay in your own lane, navigating life at the speed and in the direction that suits you best. I often remind myself of that advice and reroute myself when necessary.

Whether you believe in making New Year’s resolutions or not, now is a good time to evaluate your options. If you think of it as a perfect time for reviewing the good, the bad, and the ugly of your habits or routines, there is a good chance you will find yourself motivated to mix things up a little. Everyone is in the same boat here: it is the middle of January and The SS Self Improvement has set sail!

As I have been talking to friends about their resolutions, there seem to be a wide range of ideas percolating, some infinitely more complex than others. The best way to reach these goals is with a good sense of humor and creativity; such an approach makes things seem less overwhelming and doesn’t drain the motivation you originally felt when setting the goals. Consider dividing things into different categories like self-improvement and/or home improvement. Seems to me that giving yourself a long leash of ideas will have you tackle more by year end. It also helps avoid the temptation to just quit. Instead, simply readjust your attentions to another goal on your list.

Personally I do divide my goals into different categories, and I set parameters that allow me to check off a few things in each category with relative ease (A little like the way I used to stack my classes in college and throw in a spring semester water skiing class, but that’s a story for another day… 😉 )

Resolutions can be specific to you or other areas of life like your house and home. They also don’t have to take months to accomplish. These are some of my easy home-related favorites and will give you a sense of quick accomplishment and change of scenery.

Rethink your linen closets.


How often do you open a closet that is either busting at the seams and/or is just a total mess? I would place a healthy bet that almost everyone has one of those in their home. So the buck stops here. No more. Not this year. With bed linens and towels, you should have two sets and certainly no more than three sets per room — one set of sheets and towels to be in use, and one or two sets on reserve. Any additional mix and match combinations should be donated or given to those who will actually use them. Another helpful hint is to consider marking your existing linen and towel sets with a thin tip sharpie pen on the tag noting to which room they are assigned. This way there is no guess work.

Change pictures in your existing frames.

A pile of photographs with your empty space.

Go around your house and simply update a few of your frame collections with some new or different photos. These pics are of great memories, ones that help tell your story. They honor the people you know and love and remind you of wonderful times shared together.  Changing the photos for fresh options will inspire you, and your family, to stop, notice, and appreciate all you love.

Rearrange furniture and art.

The best, most cost-effective way to give your home a fresh feeling is to simply move things around. By doing this, you will notice pieces that have simply become background noise. Not because they aren’t special but because you simply just don’t notice them anymore. Give them a second chance at shining.

Whatever your resolutions may be we wish you the best of luck in meeting your 2017 goals!

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